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Since I made my own wedding stationary, I’ve become quite the font-o-holic – which truly is a wonderful past time by the way. The web is a superb resource for free fonts which you can download with a few clicks and then use for signage, wedding papers, guestbook, favour labels, your wedding website or whatever you feel like. Even if you have hired a wedding graphic designer already, you should definitely discuss specialty fonts with him or her in order for you and your groom to get the look that goes with your theme and personal style preference. Design-nerds like me do think it adds personality and interest to the vital design elements of your wedding, which can make a great deal of difference, how arbitrary it may sound!

I recently did a whole lot of online research (I e pinning) to see what typography awesome-ness the internet can provide. Adobe InDesign or Photoshop are not tooo difficult to learn, there are even online tutorials for beginners such as this one

With fonts and wedding graphic design, remember not to use too many different types or it might look messy. Simplicity and co-ordination gives a cleaner and more elegant impression. Choose 3 fonts max. You can mix them up by using different sizes and some capital and some regular.

I made this example just for you lovelies. I swear it took me less than 30 minutes in Photoshop – and I’m not trained in graphic design. If I can do this anyone can, quite literally! If you contact me I can send you the file so you can customize it.


I have used 3 fonts here: I Love Glitter, Moon and Abraham Lincoln. What I like about this kind of design is that it is clean, uncluttered and modern, but with a cute artsy twist.

Some basics: If you use a script font, don’t use more than one. Same with serif and sans serif fonts (serif is the little curl or foot at the ends of the letter) – choose one of each for a clutter-free typography that is both pleasing on the eye and easy to read.
I do want to dearly thank We Lived Happily Ever After for the beautiful free rustic graphics.
I think at some point I might create a series of these for you cool chicks to download for free, but for now I have given you at least a taster, and a collection of fabulous fonts to use in your wedding: signs, stationary, other printables that you choose. I hope to have sparked your creative plugs – if I have please send me a picture 🙂

Go wild!


Please not that free font are usually for Personal Use only, check the terms if you plan to use them commercially!

Anna & David – I love glitter
Ceremony – Autumn in November
Boutonnière – Abraham Lincoln
Maid of Honour – Elsie
Flower crown – Story book
Mason Jar – EsKalapa Muda
Succulent –Janda Stylish Script
Lawn games – DK Innuendo
Golden ring – Mightype script
First dance – Kitten bold
Baby’s breath – Matilde
Candle light – Northern lights
Garter – Les mysteries de Paris
Champagne – Channel
Photo booth – Aracne condensed
Sweet heart – Besom
Sparkler – Moon
Yours forever – Love moment



    • Hi Rachel, thank you for stopping by! And thank you for reminding me that I have not left a guide in my post for those new to typography. It is not very difficult – these fonts are all available for free download from various font portals around the web. A few that I can recommend are 1001fonts.com, dafont.com and fontsquirrel.com, but there are several more. The websites above are tried and tested sources.
      The quickest way might still be to search “*font name you want to download* free font downoad” in your favorite search engine.
      Once you have found your font, find the Download button and click it.
      Then go into your Downloads folder, open the zip file with the fonts name and double click OpenType format file (OTT)- there might be Truetype(TTT) also but if there is an option, rather choose OpenType as it is more modern and robust.
      Click the Install button, it should only take a few seconds to install – and then the font should appear in your text-processing programs such as Office and Adobe.
      Let me know how it goes – good luck!


    • Hi Katherine!
      This is precisely why I am making these collections – and creative brides like you definitely deserve recognition. Thank you so much for sharing your appreciation of what we do with us. Wishing you all the best to your future wedding invitation crafting success!
      Joey x


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