Freebie: All-inclusive Wedding Planner

Planning Congratulations

Happy belated Easter to you all, I truly hope your holiday was full of joy, chocolate, and of course in between egg hunts, some inspired thoughts on Wedding Planning 😉

With some help of a clever fiancé, Sheer  Ever After is proud to give you this weeks freebie; which is an insanely useful WEDDING PLANNER!

We love this because it has a month-to-month schedule for you to tick off as you go along, and the wonderful feature of this particular planner – which no other wedding planner spreadsheet has (that we are aware of)- is that it has tick-able check boxes – so that once you click the task when completed off, it MAGICALLY gets crossed off. This enables you to mark things off and focus on the next. It is most rewarding to complete wedding tasks this way – we hope you agree! To us it just makes wedding task completion all the more satisfying. I simply cannot wait to tick all those boxes myself…

As you will see, the tasks on the list are divided in months like a timeline. So if your wedding is in December, work backward so that your Month 8 of planning is now in April-(and you’d have to do a bit of catch up from Month 11 and forwards, but you would have probably sorted that out already) but we are confident that it will make sense to you once you have downloaded and started to work at your wedding planning.

You can of course print and tick with a pen if you prefer planning the old-school way – respect! The pretty floral wedding planner front page is also printable for you- you  can of course stick it on your own planner if you already got one.

Let us know how it goes! Good luck and happy box-ticking!

The SEA team

Free Wedding Planner from Sheer Ever After

Wedding Planner portrait


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