Free Awesome Hipster Wedding Fonts!

We all love hipsters: we either love their fashion bravery, love their uber kewl vibes, love to find them super annoying, or love to  make fun of them.

The thing with hipster culture though, is that it is so awesome that it has become anti-unique and no longer is fresh to be different. Get that? No. But that it also what it is all about: the juxtaposition, the art in anything, being avantgarde, seeing meaning in the meaningless, bringing out new rad angles in anything arbitrary, such as penny farthings and rabbits.

So here is a collection of fonts for the kiffest and raddest wedding of yours – ideally printed on wood decorated with Japanese cartoon figures. Don’t forget the kimchi side with your local-seasonal-artisan-macrobiotic buffet, to hire a craft gin mixologist, and you definitely must remember to make sure that your DJ only plays vinyl.

The ironic truth: if you think of yourself as a hipster, then it means you are not a real one, just a mere copy. Sorry dude. To be able to wear the hipster honour badge legit, you have to be so uber-stellar that you didn’t even bother to make note of what hipster means. Because you are years ahead of everyone else, and you are definitely never gonna follow somebody else’s trend. Only your own. Deck!

Authors note: this article is 75% tongue in cheek and 25% self-mockery. Any egos hurt from reading will be prescribed a weeks of kombucha detox.

Hipster wedding fonts


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