Sheer Ever After (SEA) was started in the midst of a busy episode of wedding planning one beautiful late-summers day in the southern parts of Africa. Realizing that when planning a wedding and surfing the web, there is more dresses, decor, do’s and don’ts, how-to’s and think about’s that one can possibly ingest or make sense of, even if one was planning a wedding for the rest of ones life.

I do not believe in following precise traditions on a wedding, as I wish for every bride out there do design her very own kind of wedding, without feeling that because you are getting married, you need to planning a vanilla wedding.

It is also my intention to seek out ways to make a wedding affordable and available to everyone. With creative thinking and some clever tricks, achieving a wedding which is fun, elegant and charming, without the linen chair covers, orchid bouquet and high-end dining.

SEA is the wedding cake buffet where I share my slices of untraditional modern day wedding inspiration from around the world, attempting to sieve the essentials from the extras, through the lens of a bohemian bride with big dreams of a vibrant, eclectic and highly individual wedding day.

I am also my on journey as a bride, with DIY’s planning tips and inspiration.

I truly hope you love browsing through the blog and I would be delighted for your comments if you enjoyed your stay here.

With love,

Jo Malin

Trying boho dress at The Wedding Boutique, Cape Town