FREE Romantic and Whimsy Wedding Fonts


Todays font collection is intended to introduce playful twists on classic wedding elegance, giving a enchanted and romantic wedding decor and stationery for your guests to admire. Combined with elements such as unstructured flower arrangements, floaty fabrics, soft color schemes and an informal yet elegant format, will bring a touch of untamed fairytale imagination and poetic freedom. Think Belle from Beauty and the Beast at a tea party with Jane Austen on a wild flower meadow.

Sweet rustic wood wedding sign: | Photography: Koman Photography -
style me pretty


If you are planning a romantic whimsical wedding, make sure to begin with your stationary. Using a swirly decorative script font means you will introduce the sense of whimsy romance to your guests early on.

"Alice in Wonderland" themed refreshments for a bridal shower
huffington post

Let the theme carry through to your wedding signs, table numbers and seating charts, all the way to the thank you cards you send when the wedding has come and gone.

Other areas you  can personalize your design with typography is your wedding programs, your vow book and menus.

gold wax seals and white escort cards
junebug weddings

A touch of vintage elegance is sure to enhance your printed wedding decor. Using wax seals, ornate frames, torn or deckle edge paper ware and a decorative font will bring that old world romantic ambiance straight into the present day. Add loose sprigs of greenery to modernize and soften the formal look.

Floral wedding stationery inspiration from a romantic fine art shoot. Photography by Gyan Gurung                                                                                                                                                                                 More
love my dress

Invitations with floral motives, water color and calligraphy symbolize femininity, elegance and romance are all perfect ingredients for your whimsical wedding day.

Let whimsy romance sparkle on!

Reception Sparkler Bar Gold Framed Sign Metallic Vase Tealight Candles Bohemian & Whimsical Garden Wedding in North Carolina
whimsical wonderland weddings



  1. Penny gum (ADORN GARLAND)
  2. Fit n flare (BOMBSHELL PRO)
  3. Marriage prayer (HALLELUJAH)
  4. Vow book (STORY BOOK SCRIPT)
  5. Fig decor (FRUTILLA)
  6. First dance (DANCING SCRIPT)
  7. Lavender (GARDENIA)
  8. Centerpiece (ADORN POMANDER)
  9. Buttercream (BUTTERCUP)
  10. Spring nuptials (SPRING TIME)
  11. Bridesmaid (MISS BEAUTIFUL BOLD)
  12. Something blue (NOELAN)
  13. Honeymoon (LISBON SCRIPT)

FREE Boho-Luxe wedding fonts!

Free Boho-luxe fonts for your grahic wedding projects

The boho spirit may have been born a long time ago, but it continues to resonate with brides of many generations. Why? It’s unique, glamorous, and as a bohemian style  is less formal and structured it opens doors to artful and individualized interpretation whether it is in clothing, home decór or weddings.

Boho combines organic, detailed, nature-inspired with simple, modern pieces. It is rebellious in an artful, natural and elegant way.

Boho-luxe is perfect if you want to embrace the laid-back, free spirited and informal wedding elements from the traditional bohemian style, but still want to enjoy luxurious cocktails, dreamy table settings reminiscent of “A Midsummers night dream”and a  sophisticated dress code. One part wild, one part high-end, the boho-luxe wedding vibes will suit you if you want a vintage-style but modern wedding, a romantic bohemian-style dress, metallic accents on your luxury table ware and high-end artisan wedding invites.

boho luxe1

Let your boho-luxe inspired invites feature foil imprints on high quality paper, letterpress, delicate wax seals and an overall vintage-luxurious understated design.

For your typography, go for a mixture between hand lettering, romantic script font, combined with neat and elegant modern typefaces to create the same juxtaposition between artful, romantic calligraphy and neat, modern elegance.

Decór-wise, boho-luxe is creative, full of vibrant colours such as jewel-tones and greenery. It has a touch of whimsical but less in a hippie way and more towards vintage glamour. Luxurious details such as metallic accents, well chosen natural elements, and although still handcrafted and effortlessly put together, decor items are less rustic and shabby but rather veering towards glamorous and antique.

It is easy to love this look as it represents a sophisticated break  from the “ragged” bohemian wedding look. Whether you’re rebellious or elegant, romantic or edgy, classy or artistic – you can have the best of both worlds!

So let’s celebrate la vie de boheme with a collection of free fonts for your blog or wedding stationery projects.



Free Boho-luxe fonts for your graphic wedding projects

  1. Mother of the bride: MODESTY
  2. True love: SIMPLY GLAMOROUS
  3. First look: BONDOLOU PEEK
  4. Save the date: WILDERNESS TYPEFACE
  5. Master of ceremony: BODONI
  6. Jenga: JACQUES & GILLES
  7. Cheese wheel: CHEDDAR JACK
  8. Artful: BRUSHER
  9. Favours: GOOD KARMA
  10. Dream catcher: WINTER CALLIGRAPHY
  11. Wild soul: AMBARELLA
  12. Cosmopolitan: NORTHERN LIGHTS
  13. Greenery: TAMORO SCRIPT
  14. French lace: ASTERISM REGULAR
  15. Free spirit: PENNELLINO
  16. Guest book: MOON


Elopement wedding – why & why not?

Elopement weddings - why you should give it a thought before planning your wedding

Wedding planning is the best thing ever for some – and the worst for others. Not every bride and groom are smitten by the idea of a big celebration with a hundred or more of people around them. Your personalities, priorities and your lust for adventure might just make it more sensible to elope as opposed to arranging a traditional wedding.

Perhaps you are a bit shy, favor independence or possibly have complicated family relations, or for any other reason -such as a sense of fun, romance, or practical or budget reasons- feel like eloping is more up your street. If you have a tendency to get stressed out, or simply cannot understand what the big “fuss” is all about – an elopement might be your answer.

It could be simple reason that you prefer to do something purely for yourselves, or something a bit different, and you might find that it suits you better to create your own wedding day layout as supposed to following a line of conventional traditions, that you might not feel any connection to, or find irrelevant or unnecessary to you.

Is elopement for you? Or are you determined to have the traditional wedding day, where you and your groom are the king and queen of the day? Which option would make your wedding dream come true?

The advantages of a traditional wedding:

  • The buzz and fun of the preparations (some love a challenge of this kind!)
  • It is a once-in-a-life time event (supposedly…)
  • It is a big get-together where 2 families can get to know each other better and celebrate together as one family
  • A chance for all your friends from all walks of life to meet and mingle
  • The traditions: cake cutting, garter toss, bouquet toss, first dance etc – some brides have looked forward to this all their life
  • The reception party with food, dancing, guest book, favours, centrepieces etc
  • The opportunity to design and decorate your dream day with flowers, decor and colours
  • Photographs with lots of family members and guests
  • Significant memories for family members and friends
  • The shared joy amongst all attending
  • “Celebrities” for a day, being the centre of attention
  • The registry – people will most likely give gifts or cash and you can wish for anything you likeElopement weddings - why you should give it a thought before planning your wedding

    The disadvantage of a traditional wedding

  • The cost of renting a venue, tent, feeding people, wedding party, hair and makeup etc
  • The pressure and stress involved with planning and coordinating a big event, such as guest list, invites and RSVP management
  • People management – bridesmaids drama, flaring up family feuds, grumpy step-cousins who did not get invited and so on
  • Nerves – not everyone is built to handle stress well
  • Stage fright – not every person enjoys being in the spotlight
  • Loud and “crazy” – not everyone likes dancing or being at a big party
  • The more people involved, the more opinions and personalities are in the mix
  • The build up to the wedding can be exhausting, especially the week before when all final details must fall into place, and out of town guests start to arrive
  • The need to find good vendors and people you can rely on and trust to do a good job – you have to be comfortable with putting your fate in their hands
  • It might put a lot of pressure on the bride to look great, loose weight, have perfect hair and makeup etc
  • Dress, shoe and accessory hunting (not just for for bride, but bridesmaids, groom and groomsmen too) is actually pretty confusing and hard mental work, not to mention pricey
  • Liaison and negotiations about costs and contracts with vendors – not everyone is cut out to be a business woman/ man
  • Lots of small and big decisions to be made, which can prove overwhelming especially if your nature is anxious and indecisive
  • Planning details such as seating chart, choice of music, wedding colours, even choosing the wedding party – some think these aspects shadow what the wedding truly should be about – the newly weds
  • Depending on how lucky/ resilient/ multi tasking genius you and your groom are – the months of wedding planning could be a stressful nightmare. Not everyone is up for it

Elopement weddings - why you should give it a thought before planning your wedding

Elopement: Advantages

  • It is all about you, your love and your commitment to each other
  • There is nothing else in the way for the 2 of you  to enjoy each others presence
  • Less risk of mishaps – except missing the plane I suppose
  • No paraphernalia (flower girl’s nappy needs changing, bridesmaid broke her stiletto, escort cards blew away in the wind..) to worry about
  • It will most likely be a lot less expensive (unless you decide to travel far and wide with a luxury honeymoon)
  • Can save the money for something long term which is perhaps more worthwhile than a few hours of party – or splash it on that luxury honeymoon
  • Less people= having to rely less heavily on others
  • You can be more in control of your own wedding
  • Manageable size = less stress = easier to achieve
  • Can be planned sooner = shorter engagement
  • More spontaneous and “wild” (Las Vegas, anyone?)
  • Some say it is more romantic
  • Great excuse to travel to your dream destination
  • You can still have the dress, the flowers, professional photos and cake, at a smaller and more cost-effective scale
  • Could spend more money on your wedding dress (- hello Grace Loves Lace!)
  • Can create a completely unique day, choose an unusual ceremony spot (nature, city, unconventional locations and buildings not normally used as a wedding venue)
  • Can get amazing wedding photos in a wedding destination that would probably not have been possible otherwise.

Disadvantages of eloping

  • If keeping it secret, you will not get much help from others, unless you still hire a wedding planner
  • It foregos certain aspect of wedding preparations (dress hunting with mum and maid of honour, getting ready with the girls, or bachelorette party for example) – which you might feel like you missed out on
  • Lonesome – perhaps you do want to have near and dear around you when you make the promise of a lifetime
  • Possibly regretting not arranging the “big day” afterwards
  • Family and friends might feel left out and get resentful
  • You probably wont receive many gifts

It is basically personality and a list of preferences that should determine your choice. Remember, just because you got engaged, it does not automatically mean you are destined to have a wedding with all the traditional aspects that comes with it. Modern weddings are completely flexible events and you can plan it to suit both of you  perfectly.

Do give elopement a thought if you  are daunted by the prospect of arranging a traditional wedding day, or simply feel a desire to do something “different” and being adventurous with your groom. In the end of the day, you are marrying your husband and not anyone else or a tradition you are not bothered about – the most important thing is that you as a couple both are doing what feels most natural to you.

Torn? The perfect compromise: An Intimate Wedding!

Final tip: it is best to decide if you are eloping or not BEFORE you invite people to your wedding or pick a bridal party – in order to not making people disappointed 🙂

Elopement weddings - why you should give it a thought before planning your wedding

image credits: junebug weddings // intimate weddings


Botanical greenery wedding decor

Greenery and botanical wedding inspiration

From elegant botanical luxe, to neutral minimalism, eclectic bohemian or vibrantly tropical, the colour green is right on trend. Known for being refreshing, renewing, and restorative, the colour green is radiant yet calming, and brings about a lush air of the natural world. In the world of weddings, there is simply no better colour to include in your wedding theme and decor.

Suitable for any type of wedding, you can work greenery into your big day to add interesting texture and plenty of alluring prettiness. Also known as a “trans-seasonal” color, this trend is completely doable anywhere:indoors, outdoors; anytime: spring, summer, autumn or winter.

The other wonderful truth about a botanical wedding is that you can easily beautify your wedding on a budget. Being more water wise and less heavy with pesticides than cut flowers, greenery is kinder to the environment too.

Rustic meets elegance in green tablescapes, bouquets and garlands, and flows together with florals  in an eye-catching harmony. Greenery is here to stay, so prepared to be inspired by the richness of this colour and diversity of the materials.

Greenery and botanical wedding inspiration

Use greenery anywhere you  would use floral installations, such as a garland on your wedding arch, to decorate the aisle, as individual chair decorations, button holes, bridesmaids bouquets, centre pieces and overhead hanging installation. You can even use it as confetti and to decorate your cake.

Mix with metallic accent -you can never go wrong with rose gold- for a sense of glamour, or copper for modern industrialism. Pair with white and champagne hues for a luxurious touch. Soft pinks and peaches for a feminine and soft ambiance. Blues for a crisp and cool colour scheme.

Material wise, greenery works just as well with raw wood as it does with soft linens, glass and metals accents to marry the material and the greenery together. Together with candles and lanterns it creates a relaxing and romantic atmosphere.

Greenery and botanical wedding inspiration

Succulents, eucalyptus, ferns and tropical leaves can serve as the starting point for a celebratory wedding theme that embraces the beauty of the earth.
Airplants, artichoke, thistle and myrtle can also add a sense of playfulness as interesting elements of surprise to your wedding decorations.

For the bride, swap the bedazzled hair piece for an equally elegant hairpiece made of small succulents. Or why not wear a crown made solely out of green matter?
In the bouquet, mix foliage with different shades or green, greenish yellows and greenish blues to add dimension and vibrant hues.

Greenery and botanical wedding inspiration

There are so many different varieties of succulents that your bouquet or centrepieces could be made entirely out of this attractive and water-wise plant. Bonus: the succulent family is available all year around, and after the wedding you can simply plant them back into their pots for a permanent wedding bouquet – living memories that will last forever.

Greenery and botanical wedding inspiration

The beauty of nature is that there are so many shapes and textures on offer – just think of the range from soft lambs ears, chubby succulents, whispy leaves and plump but sharp edged aloe leaves. Be creative and don’t be afraid of trying new unexpected combinations. It is a natural resource available within easy reach, so make sure to take advantage of its abundance.

Greenery and botanical wedding inspiration

Greenery and botanical wedding inspiration

Greenery and botanical wedding inspiration

Greenery and botanical wedding inspiration

Greenery and botanical wedding inspiration

Greenery and botanical wedding inspiration

Greenery and botanical wedding inspiration

Greenery and botanical wedding inspiration

Greenery and botanical wedding inspiration

Greenery and botanical wedding inspiration


Greenery and botanical wedding inspiration

Greenery and botanical wedding inspiration

Greenery and botanical wedding inspiration


Greenery and botanical wedding inspiration

Greenery and botanical wedding inspiration

Greenery and botanical wedding inspiration

Greenery and botanical wedding inspiration

Greenery and botanical wedding inspiration

Greenery and botanical wedding inspiration

Greenery and botanical wedding inspiration

image sources: weddings by fun jet // wedd book // deer pearl flowers //the pretty blog // pinterest

Indigenous and wild flower filled wedding bouquets

Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration

Being in the stage of wedding planning when it is time to decide on flower designs, today is the perfect day to present some of my favourite wildflower bouquets that I’ve come across so far, whether small or large, minimalist or bold.

There is something so alluring and romantic about a bouquet which is filled by an array of unusual and colourful wildflowers.  Organic and ethereal, this is truly the notion to romance that any wedding day should not be without. This bouquet style goes particularly well with a bohemian, country rustic but also a modern theme, and you also have a focal point of your wedding where you can instantly show off your unique style.

Opting for a indigenous wildflower bouquet has many other advantages too: you can potentially save some bucks – especially if you chose seasonally available varieties. Being unstructured and not necessarily symmetric either, this could invite to a wedding bouquet DIY project.

Be creative and incorporate not just flowers, but how about a generous amount of greenery such as eucalyptus branches, succulents and ferns, grasses, airplants, or why not try an artichoke or two? Pairing different textures (cotton vs aloe leaves for example) will add surprising elements.

If you still want some roses and peonies – adding these will create an intriguing juxtaposition between new and traditional for your guests to marvel at, pleasing both your grandma and your own cool taste.

Proteas make for a fantastic main component with their size, striking originality and extraordinary shape, and could easily replace any other flower and steal the show entirely on its own.
Hibiscus can also be a fantastic option, especially if you are hosting a tropical themed wedding.

A perfect opportunity for a statement in other words – whether for fashion, anti fashion, or environmental contentiousness or just a sense of playfulness.

When it comes to design and shape you can literally “go wild” – and your florist is most likely going to love this opportunity to show off her creativity, and the options for producing exquisite attention to details are plentiful.

Sit back and be inspired by mother nature.

Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration

Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration

Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration

Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration

Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration

Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration

Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration


Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration

Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration

Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration

Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration

Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration

Image resources: ruffled blog / modwedding / rock my wedding / wedding forward / brides

Charming champagne wedding dresses

Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after

Champagne wedding dresses have become increasingly popular, and for many good reasons. Not only does it soften the somewhat harsh white, but it is a dreamy alternative to the ivory that has become the wedding standard colour.

Being less traditional and more natural looking than the white or ivory dress, but more “grown up” than blush, it is a great alternative for brides who want to strike a balance between elegance and uniqueness. It is a stunning compromise for fashion forward brides.

Another advantage is that it will be easier to re-purpose your wedding dress after the wedding should you want to wear it again (why not?) – just shorten the hem and you have a fabulous evening dress.

Whether choosing a nude layered underneath a lighter tone fabric to add a 3-dimensional aspect, or as a single colour gown, these light gold hues will add a touch of whimsical as well as bringing an air of sophistication to your look.

Champagne is an ideal colour choice if you have olive skin tone, as the ivory might appear too yellow.

In this weeks dress blog I will showcase just how pretty the champagne tones can be.

Champagne & Nude Wedding dress inspiration - @Sheer ever after
jenny packham via the knot
Champagne wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
reem acra via miss zeit
Champagne & Nude Wedding dress inspiration - @Sheer ever after
ersa atelier via belle the magazine
Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
ersa atelier via wedding inspirasi
Champagne and nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
eva lendel via deer pearl flowers
Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
tara lauren via mod wedding
Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
elie saab via popsugar
Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
via shop style

Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after

Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
via wedding day magazine
Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
via watters
Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
via etsy
Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
rara avis via etsy
Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
via harper’s bazaar
Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
via etsy
Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
via wedding forward
Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
via i do take two

Choosing a wedding photographer + important questions to ask!


Finding the right wedding photographer is almost like looking for a wedding dress: there are so many out there and they pretty much all look amazing when you see the photos. But it is not always clear until you see them in real life and find out if it fits.

There are important things to find out before you make your decision and sign the dotted line. We at Sheer have put together a list of key questions that you should always ask your photographer before you pay the deposit. The answer to these questions below should give you a much clearer picture (hehe)

The good ones can easily cost as much as R33.000 – and if you are hoping to spend under R100.000 on your wedding, that is already third of the budget. But there are ways to spend less: we chose an up and coming photographer that was recommended by a friend, and judging from the engagement shoot, the photos will be just as amazing as a fully established wedding photographer.

It is not only a matter of choosing the person who takes the best pictures; you and your groom also have to reassure yourself that you are happy with your photographers background, experience, way of working and that the package you pay for includes everything you need.To some extent, you also want to make sure that the personal chemistry also works!

The photography is a big part of the day and there are many ways the photographer can work. Some like to take charge and stage pictures and ask you to pose, whereas some will stick in the background and take the pictures as they naturally unfold.

Some styles quickly explained:

Reportage photography style: 
This style is characterized by a natural approach from the photographer who follows the couple and the guests throughout the day while recording the events of the wedding as they happen in an unobtrusive manner.

Traditional style:
Traditional wedding photographers concentrate on the key moments and group shots only and involves a great deal of staging and formal setups. Although the images document the participants, they may not capture the atmosphere correctly and the candid moments of the wedding day.

Contemporary style
The photographer aims to find interesting spots as a backdrop and unusual angles. Similarly to the traditional style, images may not fully represent the originality of the wedding, and the photographer’s style will dominate the overall atmosphere of the wedding day.

You might find that your photographer is able to give you a mixtures of all 3 styles. Decide as a couple what will suit you best.

Remember to  always take a good look at their portfolio and ensure that you are happy with their style and modus operandi.

Good luck! Print and bring along to your first meeting!

Click to download as PDF

Questions for wedding photographer





How To Create The Best Bohemian Wedding


Free-loving vibes, comfortable clothes, being barefoot on the beach, chilling on the floor on velvet cushions – am I talking about Marrakesh in the 1970’s? No- I’m talking about the kind of wedding you can plan if you are up for fun vibes and not necessarily in to traditional wedding formalities.

Here I will present some examples of ways to incorporate some Bohemian wedding elements to your big day, whether you go full Monty or just feel inspired by a few select items, that is entirely up to you – because it will be wonderful and memorable either way.

  1. Your dress 
    Skip the corset, ball-gown and tight fitting materials, and rather go for a comfortable dress with breathable materials that would be blowin’ in the wind. Lace, chiffon and natural fibres are all great choices. The silhouette can be any you like, but designs such as a low back, thigh slit, off the shoulder or longer bell sleeves are all good choices. Nature inspired, 70’s revival and floral patterns are typical of the boho-style dress.

2. The venue
Gosh girl – you got plenty of choice! Anywhere outdoors in a natural environment would be especially suited. Look for a place such  as the beach, a rustic wine farm, a forest, a lovely backyard, a farm, a barn or a garden. If you are in the city, a warehouse or eclectic house will fit the bill. If outdoors, make sure to have a weather plan B – it can get pretty hot and windy on the beach for example. Guest comfort is key, why it is perfect to have the ceremony outdoors, and then head into your barn or Bedouin tent after (where you can hand out granny-square blankets for the guests to wrap up in).

3. The decor
Here there are so many options that are easy to source and create a laid-back atmosphere for your guests to marvel at. Arrange your flowers in a way so that they don’t look arranged, mix in wildflowers (or use them solely) in your bouquets and don’t hesitate to add plants and items other than flowers, such as aloes, fynbos, cacti, dried branches, grasses, even some shells and feathers.
For other decor; use plenty of different objects to create a mish-mash of visual impressions. Bohemian is not known for being minimalist so “go wild”, literally. Driftwood, beads, feathers, thrift shop lace curtains, hay bales, gemstones, Persian rugs, Moroccan lanterns, native American memorabilia, Tibetan blankets, colourful cushions, vibrant mismatched china, hand drawn wooden signs, old mirrors – items you can easily find in nature, someones attic or at your nearest flea market. Boho lends it self very well to DIY and upcycling.

Be gold and generous when it comes to colour, texture and shapes. When you plan your decor, think in terms of backpacking in India, going to a folk music festival or gypsy summer camp. More is more!
The beauty of boho decor is that it it easily combined with several other decor themes: Boho-rustic, boho-glam and boho-vintage vibes work well, but you can of course boho-ify any wedding by just incorporating some crafted items – dream catchers, teepees and crochet lace are for example iconic. Mosaic, vintage vases, odd candlesticks are other easy way to instantly bring out the boho in your wedding.

4. Your and your grooms look
Let the natural vibes carry through to your grooms attire, he would definitely not feel comfortable at his own event if he was to wear a black tie. Rather go for a colourful tie, bow tie or no tie at all, even undo the top button of his shirt. Muted colours+ a splash of blues, yellows and pastels are ideal. Shoes could be brown leather, or why not Jesus sandals?

For yourself, barefoot sandals or nude coloured strappy sandals decorated with beads would work well, or cowboy boots. Do keep makeup neutral and let your hair down, perhaps in a side braid or half up-half down with crown braid. Weave in some feathers and/ or succulents, top with a wildflower crown and you are wedding ready!

5. Dinner
A buffet self-serve or family-style serving at the tables would fit well with the informal vibe. Decorate the chairs with crocheted doilies and greenery, or let the seating be on cushions on the floor Japanese style. No food is more bohemian than the other, so choose what you really love. I would suggest some ethnic style dining though – such as Lebanese, Ethiopian or Sri Lankan. If you are a true hippie, you will perhaps choose a locally produced, vegetarian, organic meal, with options for raw vegans and macrobiotics as well.  But anything locally produced, wholesome and abundant in flavour and colour will be great.

6. The Cake

The whimsical and unconventional theme should naturally follow all the way through  to the cake. Let the cake turn into an artwork installation with plenty of texture, colour and detail. Symmetry and perfection is to be avoided for the boho-chic cake; adorn it generously with fruit, botanicals, flowers or other natural elements. whether you go for naked cake of marbleized icing doesn’t matter much, as long as it is fairly bombastic. Colourwise, there are no limits – think of the cake as a canvas on which to you add bright paint liberally. Even consider adding colour to the sponge and the filling.

Note: if you do use feathers and other found objects as cake decor- remember to sterilize them well first!

Basically, there is so much to adore about this look, as you can see. But I need to add to this that there are so many ways to “go boho” – you  are absolutely not confined to  a particular style – as the boho style can actually mean following completely your own created vibe. The word bohemian means literally “having informal and unconventional social habits”  (so if everyone followed the s. k bohemian lifestyle, no one would be bohemian right?)

It basically means you are free to go your own way, and that is the beauty of bohemia. It  has become a fashion trend and a recognized wedding concept, but actually it just is a term for being free-spirited – as in “dont follow the rules”. There is a lot of scope for interpretation as you can imagine.

So, the one and ONLY rule there is to putting on a boho wedding is that you don’t have to subscribe to a preconceived wedding style package as such -even the bohemian one- because being truly bohemian means: DON’T FOLLOW RULES! Have the wedding your own bohemian unconventional way, and be boho as you like it, whether you hang dream catchers in the trees or not.

Go for it girl!


beautiful bohemian dresses from Anna Campbell

Boho wedding inspiration @Sheer Ever After

Boho wedding inspiration @Sheer Ever After

Boho wedding inspiration @Sheer Ever After

images in this article have been found via pinterest from green wedding shoes, 36th avenue, ruffled blog, free people,

Revolutionary Industrial Themed Weddings

If you have always dreamed of living in a New York loft-style apartment, well how about getting married in one?

The industrial interior trend took us by storm a couple of years back, and soon enough sneaked it’s way into the world of weddings. The movement features minimalist thinking, raw materials like concrete, copper, pallet wood, brick, exposed light bulbs and rough elements like raw wood and various metals. Anything that you would find in a factory pretty much. It opens doors to weddings like we never saw them before.

The industrial wedding theme lends it self especially well if you want to have a wedding which is non-fussy, not-vanilla and not to mention affordable and – with a dash of ingenuity – comparatively easy to pull off.

Industrial chic wedding  @Sheer Ever After
image via style me pretty

You would’t need to feel constrained to one wedding theme if you chose this one. Industrial decor also work together with
Vintage: done in a vintage factory style: think old signs, brass or other metal components and well worn French style furniture. Or: Farm-style; rusted farm tools, equipment and printed Hessian sacks. And Elegant: find an abandoned factory space, adorn it with mixed metal hues, glitter, antique rugs, chandeliers, classy chairs and table decor.

Industrial chic wedding  @Sheer Ever After
image via style me pretty

You can work industrial elements into any contemporary wedding day to give it an refreshing edge in either direction: industrial-glam, industrial-modern or industrial-rustic. Choosing to go industrial opens so many new possibilities for finding unique venue spaces and creating unexpected event designs.

Industrial Weddings @Sheer Ever After
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The concept creates a magnificent juxtaposition between hard, raw, masculine elements, with the romantic, flowy, soft, flower-y vibes that are normally attached to a wedding. Doing your wedding in this way makes for a very interesting decor and really impressionable atmosphere. Some years ago it was regarded as a weird subculture (“weddings in a warehouse – wtf??”) but with “hipsterism” brought into the light as the urban pop culture of choice, having now been somewhat commercialized and well established as a style trend, avantgarde industrial weddings have become accepted and more and more frequent. And that is a wonderful thing, if you ask me.

I guess it reflects the times we are in – a time when we feel the need to simplify, be more frugal, and make use of material readily available, thus it make sense to take these ideals through to our weddings as well. Perhaps a time when we feel a need to put our own individual stamp on things, too.

With a little bit of imagination and out-of-the-box thinking you can create a unique wedding just about anywhere. Look around for an empty warehouse as a venue, use your imagination and be creative (but sparse) when it comes to your decorations. For the ceremony, scatter green foliage on the floor or hang it arranged in an arch for a back drop, add candles and string lights, and that should be all you need.

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What is really to love about this style is that one can be incredible creative with your wedding decoration, even use materials from your tool shed, recycling bucket or nearest hardware shop. As the components are quite heavy and robust, the theme is very well suited to be minimalist; less is more when it comes to styling,  which is another reason it is more friendly to the wallet than it would be to put on a ball at a chateau.

Industria Wedding @Sheer Ever After
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To easily create the industrial look, incorporate items such as copper piping, ladders, wine barrels, Edison-style light bulbs, cinder blocks, tin cans and why not play around with concrete; cast candle holders, table numbers, or plant pots for succulent favours.

For the reception decor you can just ask your dad if you could dig in his garage, head to the scrap yard with your groom for table decor and photo booth props, and ask your bridal party  to help you gather old tin cans and bottles to  use as vases and candlesticks. Up-cycling does not get any better than this.

The industrial style combines very well with geometric shapes, for example copper piping bent into diamonds, napkin rings, incorporated into your clothing; or why not build your ceremony arch out of it?

Industrial chic wedding  @Sheer Ever After

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To soften the harsh warehouse environment, you can create a wonderfully romantic atmosphere with draped white fabric, suspended string lights, block candles, and green foliage. With bit of out-of-the-box thinking, you can create a unique wedding just about anywhere. But you don’t necessarily need an old warehouse to have an industrial wedding. Any venue, whether it is a well established wedding venue, backyard or destination venue, can achieve an industrialized look with help of a few well composed key features. A pallet wood sign, marquee letters, aluminum chairs will instantly industrialize your wedding concept.

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This look is extremely versatile and is perfect for couples who just wants to be different from the norm, de-clutter and re-organize the general idea of weddings and make a style statement. It is far from the cookie-cutter traditional wedding but yet very elegant in its own unique, raw and minimalist-chic ways.

But you don’t have to feel held back either; incorporate some divine flowers in jewel tones, add some fresh botanical, midcentury sofas and elegant candelabras, and your wedding is instantly updated to 2017 latest wedding fashion.

Your guests are guaranteed to be wowed.

Industrial Weddings @Sheer Ever After
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Industrial Weddings @Sheer Ever After

Industrial Weddings @Sheer Ever After
image via bespoke bride
Industrial Weddings @Sheer Ever After
image via ruffled blog
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Industrial chic wedding  @Sheer Ever After
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Industrial Weddings @Sheer Ever After
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Industrial chic wedding @Sheer Ever After
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Industrial chic wedding @Sheer Ever After

Industrial chic wedding  @Sheer Ever After
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Designer Focus- Grace Loves Lace BLANC collection

Wedding dress designers in focus @Sheer Ever After #graceloveslace #sheereverafter

Grace loves lace is the Australian revolutionary wedding brand who boldly and elegantly defines the new era of brides; and produces some of the most exquisite and desirable French lace free-spirited wedding dresses to be found in the wedding dress designer world today.
This collection is especially suited for the modern bohemian bride who is unbound by the monotony of conventional weddings, and wants to individualize and perfect the experience of getting married. 

About B L A N C

Espousing a fresh and unique take on the experience of getting married, we are proud to be the revolutionaries defining a new era of bride; the modern, free-spirited woman unbound by monotony and tradition from conventional wedding dresses.

Inspired by the woman of style , substance + passion = the unique bride.  Since its inception, B L A N C was envisioned with the muse in mind. This collection is a salute to her.

She is a natural beauty with an air of sophistication about her. She is passionate and daring; enchanting in every way. The kind of girl who wants to dance the night away.  A woman of style + originality. The kind of woman we would want to hang out with.

Imagined in elixir of lace,  with crisp white accents + angular intrigue. Fused into strictly modern silhouettes with an always present romantic sensibility. Chic & innately cool artistry for the the modern romantic.

This is B L A N C: A salute to the muse.

Wedding dress designers in focus @Sheer Ever After #graceloveslace #sheereverafter

Wedding dress designers in focus @Sheer Ever After #graceloveslace #sheereverafter
Wedding dress designers in focus @Sheer Ever After #graceloveslace #sheereverafter
Wedding dress designers in focus @Sheer Ever After #graceloveslace #sheereverafter
Wedding dress designers in focus @Sheer Ever After #graceloveslace #sheereverafter
Wedding dress designers in focus @Sheer Ever After #graceloveslace #sheereverafter
Wedding dress designers in focus @Sheer Ever After #graceloveslace #sheereverafter

Wedding dress designers in focus @Sheer Ever After #graceloveslace #sheereverafterWedding dress designers in focus @Sheer Ever After #graceloveslace #sheereverafterWedding dress designers in focus @Sheer Ever After #graceloveslace #sheereverafterWedding dress designers in focus @Sheer Ever After #graceloveslace #sheereverafterWedding dress designers in focus @Sheer Ever After #graceloveslace #sheereverafterWedding dress designers in focus @Sheer Ever After #graceloveslace #sheereverafterWedding dress designers in focus @Sheer Ever After #graceloveslace #sheereverafter