Free stuff

The best things at weddings are free – such as your bridesmaids support, your husbands love, your family’s tears of joy…. and of course freebies from Sheer!

When you get married, you will probably want to be surrounded by your best friends. Being a bridesmaid can be tough work, helping the bride with difficult dress decisions, acting as a shoulder to lean on and assisting with various practicalities leading up to and during the wedding. Why not “propose”to your bridesmaids with a pretty card with pink roses from Sheer? They are bound to say yes 😉

Free Sheer ever after printableSheer Ever After bridesmaid printable A4 x 4

The elegant artichoke stationery suite is inspired by vintage illustrations and this years botanical wedding theme trend. There would be no better way to express your gratitude to your guests for attending your wedding, and for the nice gifts they probably gave you. Writing a special note should be so much easier with this pretty stationery.

Thank you Artichoke ElegantSheer Ever After Thank you Printable