White Lilly bridal: Boho-Luxe Wedding Dresses From the Heart of South Africa

From classic cuts with adorable laces to fashion-forward designs with geometric patterns, there is not a single dress in the Modern Romance range that I don’t love.  If my own dress hunting days hadn’t been over already I would definitely jump on a plane to Jo’burg to visit White Lilly Ateliér, but to any of my friends or readers who recently got engaged, if you are a bride yearning for a unique wedding dress  I definitely think there could be a dress for you this alluring bridal range.

Bohemian luxe wedding gowns by White Lilly - presented by Sheer Ever After weddings

Since opening in 2013, White Lilly Atelier has become a leading South African bridal couturier, embodying femininity and romance for the discerning bohemian bride.

Founder Jacelyn Gozadinos worked in the fashion industry for 10 years and travelled extensively around the world learning about trends and development before launching her own brand.


Bohemian luxe wedding gowns by White Lilly - presented by Sheer Ever After weddings


The move into haute couture bridal wear, was a natural progression for this lifelong  design enthusiast.

“I adore beautiful fabrics, exquisite beading and soft dresses that flow,” she explains. “The type of dresses I specialize in – unique, boho-luxe wedding gowns that typically feature hours of delicate bead work – allow me to indulge my passions.”

Jacelyn’s designs for the free-spirited bride, the modernista, the bohemian goddess and every woman in between. Favourite fabrics include pure silk, Chantilly lace, and layers of silk chiffons, georgettes and tulle.


Bohemian luxe wedding gowns by White Lilly - presented by Sheer Ever After weddings


The White Lilly label represents beauty, comfort, class and quality. Each dress is a true work of art; designed to look effortless and be rich in texture. All designs are romantic, feminine and often avantgarde, and the dresses appear in bridal publications regularly.

White Lily Atelier currently offers two beautiful collections, in this article we present you with the ready-to-wear line MODERN ROMANCE:



A sophisticated, long-sleeved dress with beautiful, beaded French lace on the cuff and shoulder.



The bodice boasts a lovely, lace-edge detail, while the low back adds interest. True bohemian elegance!



This simple, yet striking dress features soft draping and a beautiful cut-out back in with scalloped edging.


This bohemian-inspired lace dress boasts the most beautiful, detachable bell sleeves that means you can change your look from ceremony to reception


A superb dress for brides who want to make a subtle statement. The plunging bodice features tulle which cascades down into soft, pretty layers on the skirt.




It’s impossible to resist this bohemian-inspired dress. Draped sleeves add to its soft, feminine and free-spirited appeal. 



A fresh, feminine dress with a soft silhouette. The strap-free bodice features hand-beaded lace and silk-covered buttons, while the soft tulle skirt flows from a gentle waist band.




This ethereal dress is a dream. The bodice is adorned with beaded lace, while the soft, floaty tulle skirt flows with your movements.




A gorgeous Grecian-inspired dress. The draped bodice, beadwork, 3D flowers, embroidery and a full, floaty skirt are just some of the features to admire.



This stylish dress combines geometric mesh, hand-beaded French lace and silk-covered buttons over a soft, blush lining. Three-quarter sleeves ensure year-round appeal and add to the dress’s softly sophisticated feel.


This sensational dress commands attention. Made from geometric mesh, its features include the key hole opening in front and fringing along the back and sleeves. A one-of-a-kind wedding dress.



SOFIE dress from the Wild Hearts collection

All wedding gowns are beautifully hand-crafted and made-to-order. You can contact Jacelyn via the White Lilly website, here. You can also follow them on Instagram or Facebook.

(Bonus for international customers is the favorable South African exchange rate, which means you can snap up some of these beauties for less than $1000!)

Look out for the next article on White Lilly where we will present you with their stunning Haute Coutoure collecttion WILD HEARTS

All the best


image sources: white lilly atelier // roxy burger


Iconic 2017 wedding dresses – the best styles summarized

The year 2017 have seen trends such as tiered skirts, the rise of the illusion bodice, and plunging back designs. There has also been a continuous increase in the popularity of the boho gown, princess gowns as well as modest high necklines.

It is a year where total opposites have worked just as well so it should be easy for every bride getting married this year to find something to suit her taste.

Designers such as Marchesa Bridal, Jenny Packham, Mira Zwillinger and Monique Lhullier have embodied some of these trends perfectly.

Iconic wedding dress looks 2017 ---Presented by Sheer Ever After weddings

Typical looks

Soft and voluminous layers and revealing skin. Barely-there sheer paneling and hot necklines and backs. Skin showing through cutouts -front or back- are also right on the money. The summary key word is “ethereal glamor”.  Look at designers such as Berta or Liz Martinez for inspiration.

Colours: the immaculate white or ivory dress seems passé – rather be fashion-forward go for a shade of dark ivory, light blush, champagne, nude, silver or even serenity blue.

Sleeves: the off-the-shoulder dress continues to triumph, especially for destination, boho-chic and beach brides. Choose either longs sleeve or short sleeve, or just a symbolic “curtain” of fabric worn on your upper arms. Short sleeves, cap sleeves and long sleeves are all seen frequently – the boob tube bodice is no longer a standard choice as more and more brides are opting for some form of design for the shoulders and arms.
Another trend is the looser, less fitted sleeve for a romantic and airy look. The bold and trend setting bride might go  for a dramatic fairly sleeve, flutter or bell sleeve on her dress.

The sweetheart neckline is still a popular choice for bride – in 2017 the plunge got a bit deeper (sometimes all the way down to the waist), but to balance the revealing cleavage an illusion fabric has been added for a bit of coverage.


As well as daring plunging necklines, on the opposite end of the skin-baring spectrum we have seen a rebirth of the modest style dress with high Victorian collars that encircles the base of the neck. The prim and proper necklines have taken hold and will continue to do so in 2018.

So you are free to choose either daring or modest – two opposites that work just as well for your 2017 wedding.

Back design
: Intricate and detailed open backs with or without illusion fabric, and bejeweled details. The deep and super-adorned v-back design also made an entry this year. Show stopping keyhole back designs with intricate and glamourous details such as beading and sequins are also on the rise.


The Styles and Details

The boho trend has definitely taken a hold and is a trend here to stay. 2017 has brought in flavours of gypsy bridal looks, inspired by music festivals and free-loving wedding themes. Look for hippie influence floral pattern French lace, 70’s cut gown with bold details such as fringes, crochet elements and bell sleeves. So great for a non-conventional bride with her main agenda being showcasing her personal and care-free style.



If you are a minimalist bride, 2017 has many exciting dresses to choose from. Separated from unnecessary frills, lace and small details, the fabrics and lines of these dresses are smooth and uncomplicated which gives a clean and sleek impression for the bride who needs very little to  shine. Available in any silhouette, neckline and sleeve length, there is no reason to feel deprived of style.


In the opposite direction, another trend we see an increase in decadent details. Applique, floral 3D detailing, beading, crystals, feathers and twinkling adornments that will make you feel like a star. Expect to see a field of blossoms swirling across the sheer bodice of a floaty romantic dress (ideally in a hue of rose quartz)

The Shapes:

Bridal silhouettes are now less structured and more soft and flowy – perfect for dancing and for hot season weddings. An easy a-line dress with soft tulle or layers of chiffon creates a swishy and light look that will truly make a bride feel liberated and comfortable.

The super size ball gown have seen a come back – good news for the dramatic and traditional bride who craves the princess experience. Tiers and ruffles are also seen more often to add visual interest, give architectural shape and exaggerated volume to the skirt.

The trumpet/ fit and flare silhouette gently hugs in at the hips, and then hangs loosely in a softer flow around the legs. Not quite A-line/ sheath and not quite fitted like a mermaid, this is a perfect shape for equal comfort and allure.


A trend who marries the best of both trends is the detachable over skirt – wear the large size skirt for your ceremony and photos, and for the reception you simply remove the ball gown and reveal a cocktail or fitted dress perfect for mingling and dancing.

crystal design

Choose according to the style of your wedding, personal preference and the season of your wedding. If you follow trends or not is your choice – the important things is that you find the dress you adore, regardless of what anyone else tells you 😉


Image credits: harpers bazaar // wedding insirasi // pinterest


Lovable wedding dresses with long sleeves

Longsleeve pin.jpg

Even though my wedding is planned for early summer, I have been quite adamant that I want a longsleeve dress, even in the African heat.

Having sleeves in summer makes sense in some way though – it is a great protection from the burning sun! Also, if you haven’t done as many push-up as you intended to in the months leading up to the wedding, here you have a dress that will be forgiving on arms of any shape.

The long sleeve dresses I have tried make me feel more elegant than the strappy ones. I am not a prudish person otherwise, but covering my arms just feels more “me”. I however don’t mind at all a daring low back though or a plunging neck line – so in fact it isn’t about modesty, rather a style choice. And to stay warm for later in the evening.

For years and years we have seen a majority of wedding dresses being strapless boob-tubes (just one episode of Yes to the dress will confirm that) so it is definitely time to present just  how beautiful and regal a sleeve can make you.

Kate Middleton’s famous dress might have been the beginning of the turn of trends, and we, also recently Kelly Clarkson’s country rustic wedding and many more fashion forward women in the recent past: Alison from Girls, Christina Ricci, Olivia Palermo, Nicky Hilton amongst others.

If you don’t want full sleeves but still enjoy the feeling of a covering, an illusion fabric is the perfect compromise, and here you have the option of adding appliqué or detailing in material of your choice.

An classy bride may opt for full lace sleeves, with or without illusion as the base material, beading or pearl details for extra elegance.
A wild and care free bride could add a fringed or a crochet style lace, and the 70’s vintage bride a flaring bell sleeve.
If you are going for the vintage Hollywood look, well then there is simply not other better kind of dress – just think of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburns iconic dresses.

Whether minimalist or princess gown, there is a long sleeve wedding dress out there which is waiting to be yours. Still unsure? A bridal cover/ bolero will give you the best of two worlds 😉

Let the pictures speak for themselves!

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration  SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration  SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration    SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration     SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration     SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration     SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration     SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration     SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration     SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration     SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com


Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration     SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration     SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration     SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration     SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com


image resources: junebug / one fab day / le frufru / tulle and chantilly / hello may / pinterest

Take the stress out of the dress

Wedding gown shopping advise @Sheer ever after

Shopping for your wedding gown is one of the most wonderful but potentially stressful moments in your preparation for a wedding. Before hitting the wedding gown shops, it will be good for you to be aware of some crucial things, and by knowing these few tips, you should feel more confident of what you want as you begin the wedding gown search.

  1. Know your timeline

You may notice in many wedding planning checklists that you’re supposed to purchase your wedding dress six-eight months before the wedding. This may seem like an unnecessarily early date, but know that it typically takes 16-20 weeks to create your dress, and that doesn’t include the fittings you will need before. Not only do you want to have plenty of time to find The One, but all of the people who make your dress perfect need enough time to do so.

When you begin your search, keep in mind that  alterations can take one to two months. Don’t delay your wedding dress shopping!

2. Know your budget

One of the top mistakes brides make is not knowing the budget for their wedding gown before trying on dresses. Having at least a range that you are comfortable spending will help both you and your consultant when picking a dress.

Discuss your budget with your partner, with your parents, with anyone who might be involved in the purchase of your dress. Planning out your wedding budget ahead of time will help you know what you realistically know what you can afford. If someone else has offered to pay for it, ask what range they would be most comfortable with.

Don’t forget to leave room in the budget for shoes, veil, accessories and alterations.

3. Know your wedding

Before booking your bridal salon appointments, make sure you know the type of wedding you’re planning, when and where. This means the season, type of venue, and your wedding theme, if you have one. Yes, you can wear whatever you want, but if you purchase a low-key gown and you end up booking something really fancy, you may wish you went bigger and bolder.

The sleeves, skin exposure, train length and fabric could all depend on your ceremony space, wedding reception venue and the time of the year. In addition to bringing in images of dresses you like, having a mood board for your wedding décor can be a helpful tool for your consultant. If you’re getting married in a forest with rustic decor leading up to the altar, a traditional princess gown may not be the most cohesive fit.

4. Know your body

Be aware of what dress silhouette flatters your shape the most. Remember that not every style dress flatters every figure. Gowns where the bodice and skirt don’t transition smoothly can visually cut the body in unflattering ways. Likewise, thin fabrics such as silk or chiffon skim the body and tend to magnify every little detail.

5. Know your habits

Don’t buy a wedding dress too small because you want to lose weight before the wedding.  Avoid that stress by buying  the dress of your dreams that fits comfortably. Fit now, adjust later – a professional seamstress will be able to adjust the dress as much as 2 dress sizes down or up, if necessary.

You fiancé proposed to you as you are, and he will marry you as you are. Don’t stress too much about your weight, rather focus on sanity and wellbeing. There will be enough things to think about as it is – don’t push yourself over the limit.

6. Know your personal style

Unless you frequently don evening gowns in your every day life, it’s likely that you’re not sure what dress shape will look best on you. Instead of focusing on the silhouette you think will be most flattering, hone in on how you want to look on your wedding day. One of the most important factors here is the vibe of your wedding. It can be helpful to have a few guide words like “classic,” “boho,” “glamorous,” or “vintage” to share with your bridal consultant, who will have a better idea of the look and feel of your day.  Bringing along images of gown styles and silhouettes that interest you can also be helpful.

In order to best know your style – just look at  the dresses in your wardrobe. What do you  feel most fabulous in? It’s a good idea to have a list of things that you love and don’t love, but be open to trying some things that might surprise you.
Although all that looks great in a magazine might be a different story in reality, many dresses can be altered to fit your vision.


7. Know your local shops and designers

One of the most helpful pieces of advice we can give is to research the stores in your area before booking your first bridal appointment. Not every store carries the same gowns or even the same designers. Different salons tend to have a slightly different style or bridal clientèle, much like any other boutique.

When you look for your dress, go with your own instinct. Don’t let your entourage mislead you with their own personal opinions. Most importantly, choose with your personal style and comfort in mind. If you feel great when you wear it, then you know this might be the one!

Wedding gown shopping advise @Sheer ever afterWedding gown shopping advise @Sheer ever after

8. Know your options

Going to a bridal dress shop is not the only way of buying  dress. You actually have plenty of options should you not find your dream dress on the well trodden path. If you find the dresses in the high street shop too ordinary, in the bridal boutique too expensive, you also have the option of buying a dress second hand via portals such as Still White or Preowned Dresses, or even your local online classifieds such as Gumtree.

Try Etsy for an unique and artisan dress, or online fashion wholesalers such as Luulla. be cautious when ordering online though – rather buy a dress that you know is a bit big and then have it adjusted locally. If I were you I’d definitely avoid the Chinese wholesalers altogether – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

You could look in vintage shops for unique wedding dresses and tailor it to suit your personal style. Likewise, ask around in your network for a family members or friends wedding dress, either buy it and have it remade or borrow and wear as it is.

Another viable option if you can’t find what you are looking for, is to find a pattern maker and seamstress that will create the dress of your dreams, where you get to choose the shape, details and fabric entirely on your own.

Some more tools (to use as a guideline only) is the fun Wedding dress style quiz to gauge what dress style might suit you,  and this handy chart of what silhouette would suit your body shape:


This is a very exciting journey – best of luck!

Wedding gown shopping advise @Sheer ever after


Image sources: Deer Pearl Flowers / Green Wedding shoes / Weddingomania / Pinterest / trubridal 
















Charming champagne wedding dresses

Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after

Champagne wedding dresses have become increasingly popular, and for many good reasons. Not only does it soften the somewhat harsh white, but it is a dreamy alternative to the ivory that has become the wedding standard colour.

Being less traditional and more natural looking than the white or ivory dress, but more “grown up” than blush, it is a great alternative for brides who want to strike a balance between elegance and uniqueness. It is a stunning compromise for fashion forward brides.

Another advantage is that it will be easier to re-purpose your wedding dress after the wedding should you want to wear it again (why not?) – just shorten the hem and you have a fabulous evening dress.

Whether choosing a nude layered underneath a lighter tone fabric to add a 3-dimensional aspect, or as a single colour gown, these light gold hues will add a touch of whimsical as well as bringing an air of sophistication to your look.

Champagne is an ideal colour choice if you have olive skin tone, as the ivory might appear too yellow.

In this weeks dress blog I will showcase just how pretty the champagne tones can be.

Champagne & Nude Wedding dress inspiration - @Sheer ever after
jenny packham via the knot
Champagne wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
reem acra via miss zeit
Champagne & Nude Wedding dress inspiration - @Sheer ever after
ersa atelier via belle the magazine
Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
ersa atelier via wedding inspirasi
Champagne and nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
eva lendel via deer pearl flowers
Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
tara lauren via mod wedding
Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
elie saab via popsugar
Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
via shop style

Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after

Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
via wedding day magazine
Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
via watters
Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
via etsy
Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
rara avis via etsy
Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
via harper’s bazaar
Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
via etsy
Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
via wedding forward
Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
via i do take two

Rue de Seine – a magic spell from down under

Love Spell

Rue de Seine’s flowing silhouettes are loved by brides far beyond their Kiwi origins.

Influenced by folk art, festivals and anything whimsical, these gowns are daring and bold, yet romantic and soft. The silhouette is form fitting and flattering, with varied features and unusual details.

Designed for the free-thinking, confident and modern bride, the spirited and trend setting label’s latest collection boasts unique laces, which are made exclusively for Rue De Seine.

You will see hand crochet gowns and bold beaded florals on sheer fabrics, bohemian cotton lace with floral embroidery, gypsy inspired textiles and appliquéd lace panels which all flatter the female form and create unique design lines.

“We believe that our brides should be comfortable and true to their own style on their wedding day. Our collection offers a selection of romantic and effortlessly chic gowns inspired by the carefree spirit of the Rue De Seine bride” says designer, Michele Corty.

Michele says that “Love Spell is a celebration of free thinking, bold, and unconventional brides” and we couldn’t agree more.

Inspired by youthful and brave women, the dresses show the relaxed nature of the bride wearing it.

Wedding dress inspiration - Rue de seine @Sheer ever after

Wedding dress inspiration - Rue de Seine @Sheer ever after

Wedding dress inspiration - Rue de Seine @Sheer ever after

Wedding dress inspiration - Rue de Seine @Sheer ever after

Wedding dress inspiration - Rue de Seine @Sheer ever after

Wedding dress inspiration - Rue de Seine @Sheer ever after

Wedding dress inspiration - Rue de Seine @Sheer ever after

Wedding dress inspiration - Rue de Seine @Sheer ever after

Wedding dress inspiration - Rue de Seine @Sheer ever after

Wedding dress inspiration - Rue de Seine @Sheer ever after

Bohemian Wedding dress inspiration - Rue de Seine @Sheer ever after

Bohemian Wedding dress inspiration - Rue de Seine @Sheer ever after

Bohemian Wedding dress inspiration - Rue de Seine @Sheer ever after

Bohemian Wedding dress inspiration - Rue de Seine @Sheer ever after

Bohemian Wedding dress inspiration - Rue de Seine @Sheer ever after

Bohemian Wedding dress inspiration - Rue de Seine @Sheer ever after

Image credits: Green Wedding shoes and Rue de Seine

Illuminating Indie Wedding Dresses

If you’re saying “I do” at an offbeat celebration this summer, you may want to say yes to one of these adorabe bridal frocks.
From affordable, minimalist dresses to stunners that are bold in a subtle way, look no further than these dresses below – who knows, you might just find the dress right here. Browse below for unexpected styles worthy of a one-of-a-kind wedding feté.

Wedding inspiration @Sheer Ever After
kaviar gauce 

Who is the indie bride?
She is a woman who loves music, and might even choose to have a
festival themed wedding, a ceremony at town’s modern art museum
or an elopement in the woodlands. She loves mixing vintage with new,
and will not mind being bold when it comes to her wedding style.

Wedding inspiration @Sheer ever after
via modwedding

She is a trend setter, even though she doesn’t intend to be, and would not even consider following conventional fashion. She is a princess of the avantgarde scene.
So for her wedding day, any average ol’ dress just isn’t going to cut it.

Wedding inspiration @Sheer Ever after

Indie dresses do not scream bridal. In this kinda dress, you can enjoy
the most important day of your life looking like YOU, comfortably,
and not be hidden by thick layers of heavy bridal fabrics.

Wedding inspiration @Sheer ever after
image via wedding inspirasi

Strong, graceful and ready to write her own story. From the morning sun
to the midnight, she is stylish. She conjures beauty to rise from the
unexpected, and inspires rock bands to to sing new songs.

Wedding inspiration @Sheer ever after
via refinery29

She dares to be different, just because that is who she is.

Wedding inspiration @Sheer ever after
image via etsy

One cannot help but to fall in love with these dresses. In the indie
genre of bridal gowns, there is something for every shape, size and budget.

Wedding inspiration @Sheer Ever after
via sheer luxe

They are however seldom found in the warehouse-sized bridal gown superstore.
But the indie bride does not worry about tulle, diamonds or cupcakes on display.

Wedding inspiration @Sheer ever after
image via hello may

Where does the hunt for a genuinely unique and stylish gown actually begin?
Etsy and your local vintage shops are good places to search. Consider having
the dress made for a 100% unique and individualized look.

Wedding inspiration @Sheer ever after
via style me pretty

Indie dresses are for the cool girls.
Free-spirited, alternative, vintage-inspired and most of all:
Dare to join the indie revolution now. 

Wedding inspiration @Sheer Ever After
via bhldn weddings
Wedding inspiration @Sheer ever after
via paper and lace
Wedding inspiration @Sheer Ever after
via anne kaz

Bold Wedding Gowns For Brides Who Dare


We all have different ideas of what a fairytale wedding dress looks like, and this day and age we should feel free to wear whatever we feel like on our special day. Because it is your wedding dream that should be fulfilled, not your future granpa-in-law, right?

Some of us just don’t want the modest look – if you don’t feel like covering yourself up in meringue-like layers then why not try a more skin revealing look for a wedding gown with an edge?

Shopping in a commercial bridal boutique, the classic hot bride look would perhaps entail a bum-hugging mermaid dress with a boob-elevating corset and tight lace up back. But the modern bride does not feel restrained by conventional cuts,and just because you want to be a unique bride doesn’t mean you are confined to crochet hippie numbers either.

The happy medium? Designers such as Liz Martinez, Badgley Mischka and Limor Rosen proves that even the dreamy bohemian gown can be smoking hot in a tasteful and fashion forward way. Sultry doesn’t mean it can’t be soft, whimsical and elegant too. Breezy materials and exposed skin is especially suitable for a beach-, festival-inspired or any summer wedding, and for those of us in temperate climates in the southern hemisphere it might even be a must.

If you want to stick with a more covered up dress but feel like adding some ooomph – why not try jazzing it up a notch with a low cut back or a thigh split? The gown with a detachable skirt could be an option too – reveal a hot cocktail dress once the party starts. The options are bountiful – dare to be gorgeous!

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Fairytale-like 2017 collection gowns by Liz Martinez



Julie Vino rocks any beach wedding
The Lior Charchy 2017 collection is not for the faint hearted
Truvelle dress via WeddingInspirasi 


Dresses by Limor Rosen.Image via Weddings online
Hayley Paige via Fairytale Brides UK
The eponymous Berta MUSE collection. Image via Weddingscoop 
Image courtesy of Belle the magazine


Berta Bridal knows how to do alluring gowns



21 Breathtaking Backless Wedding Dresses


I must admit that since I got engaged, I’ve become a frequent wedding dress window shopper (not to mention an obsessive compulsive online wedding dress browse-o-holic). Im looking at dresses pretty much every day, and I probably think about dresses at least once every hour. But even after 5 bridal trials, where Ive giggled nervously/ excitedly with a glass of champers in one hand and a veil in the other, like a child in a sweet shop, whilst my maid of honour scribbles notes and keeping scores in my wedding file, I have STILL not found THE ONE dress. That champagne didnt help, did it!
But November is still far away, right?

The open back dresses are definitely my favorites this far. It is just something so glamorous about a deep skin revealing back plunge, perfect for spring and summer weddings like mine, if you want to keep sophisticated and covered up at the front, but yet a bit va-va-voom  and daring as you walk down the aisle. Im thinking it’ll definitely help to help to keep one cool as well even with long sleeves. Adorn with a back necklace and you are Boho glamour ready to go = oh-la-la!

Ronan gown by Daugthers of Simone


Image courtesy of Pinterest


Absolutely gorgeous Anna Campbell 


Flora Bridal. Image courtesy of DHgate
Lihi Hod vintage


Dreams and Lovers “Dita”


Aurora dress by Berta MUSE
Design by Berta Bridal
 Alexandra Grecco Arlington gown
Image courtesy of Pinterest
“Lisa” by Dreams and lovers
The incredible Inca dress by Grace Loves Lace
Gisele by Grace Loves Lace



Image courtesy Weddingomania