White Lilly bridal: Boho-Luxe Wedding Dresses From the Heart of South Africa

From classic cuts with adorable laces to fashion-forward designs with geometric patterns, there is not a single dress in the Modern Romance range that I don’t love.  If my own dress hunting days hadn’t been over already I would definitely jump on a plane to Jo’burg to visit White Lilly Ateliér, but to any of my friends or readers who recently got engaged, if you are a bride yearning for a unique wedding dress  I definitely think there could be a dress for you this alluring bridal range.

Bohemian luxe wedding gowns by White Lilly - presented by Sheer Ever After weddings

Since opening in 2013, White Lilly Atelier has become a leading South African bridal couturier, embodying femininity and romance for the discerning bohemian bride.

Founder Jacelyn Gozadinos worked in the fashion industry for 10 years and travelled extensively around the world learning about trends and development before launching her own brand.


Bohemian luxe wedding gowns by White Lilly - presented by Sheer Ever After weddings


The move into haute couture bridal wear, was a natural progression for this lifelong  design enthusiast.

“I adore beautiful fabrics, exquisite beading and soft dresses that flow,” she explains. “The type of dresses I specialize in – unique, boho-luxe wedding gowns that typically feature hours of delicate bead work – allow me to indulge my passions.”

Jacelyn’s designs for the free-spirited bride, the modernista, the bohemian goddess and every woman in between. Favourite fabrics include pure silk, Chantilly lace, and layers of silk chiffons, georgettes and tulle.


Bohemian luxe wedding gowns by White Lilly - presented by Sheer Ever After weddings


The White Lilly label represents beauty, comfort, class and quality. Each dress is a true work of art; designed to look effortless and be rich in texture. All designs are romantic, feminine and often avantgarde, and the dresses appear in bridal publications regularly.

White Lily Atelier currently offers two beautiful collections, in this article we present you with the ready-to-wear line MODERN ROMANCE:



A sophisticated, long-sleeved dress with beautiful, beaded French lace on the cuff and shoulder.



The bodice boasts a lovely, lace-edge detail, while the low back adds interest. True bohemian elegance!



This simple, yet striking dress features soft draping and a beautiful cut-out back in with scalloped edging.


This bohemian-inspired lace dress boasts the most beautiful, detachable bell sleeves that means you can change your look from ceremony to reception


A superb dress for brides who want to make a subtle statement. The plunging bodice features tulle which cascades down into soft, pretty layers on the skirt.




It’s impossible to resist this bohemian-inspired dress. Draped sleeves add to its soft, feminine and free-spirited appeal. 



A fresh, feminine dress with a soft silhouette. The strap-free bodice features hand-beaded lace and silk-covered buttons, while the soft tulle skirt flows from a gentle waist band.




This ethereal dress is a dream. The bodice is adorned with beaded lace, while the soft, floaty tulle skirt flows with your movements.




A gorgeous Grecian-inspired dress. The draped bodice, beadwork, 3D flowers, embroidery and a full, floaty skirt are just some of the features to admire.



This stylish dress combines geometric mesh, hand-beaded French lace and silk-covered buttons over a soft, blush lining. Three-quarter sleeves ensure year-round appeal and add to the dress’s softly sophisticated feel.


This sensational dress commands attention. Made from geometric mesh, its features include the key hole opening in front and fringing along the back and sleeves. A one-of-a-kind wedding dress.



SOFIE dress from the Wild Hearts collection

All wedding gowns are beautifully hand-crafted and made-to-order. You can contact Jacelyn via the White Lilly website, here. You can also follow them on Instagram or Facebook.

(Bonus for international customers is the favorable South African exchange rate, which means you can snap up some of these beauties for less than $1000!)

Look out for the next article on White Lilly where we will present you with their stunning Haute Coutoure collecttion WILD HEARTS

All the best


image sources: white lilly atelier // roxy burger


The causes and cures of Wedding Distress (Brides and friends of brides you have to read this!)

Having been a bride-to-be for nearly 6 months, I have definitely had moments of despair and disbelief, especially in the last month or so which proved more challenging in ways I could have never expected. First it looked like my mum suddenly wasn’t going make it because of requiring surgery. My maid of honour had a car crash and injured a disc in her neck. My custom-ordered wedding dress turned out to be a disaster and I struggled for almost a month to get a refund. I fell when running and smashed my face on the pavement, spending 2 weeks swollen, badly bruised and a nose like a sweet potatoe. When my new dress maker seemed to have vanished into thin air with my deposit and precious bridal fabric, I was on the verge on a “bridal breakdown” for sure. I was ready to cancel all wedding plans and elope.


Causes and Cures for Wedding Planning Panic

Luckily, all the things above got more or less resolved eventually. But I am still struggling with the anxious aftermaths, difficulty to sleep some nights, fatigue and my lips have taken a beating as I can’t seem to stop nibbling on them.

So what it is that happens to us when we are planning a wedding? Why are brides susceptible to anxiety? Why can the months of engagement easily turn into months of stress, and sometimes even dread?

Now with this unfortunate hands-on-experience, it is time to dive deep into the subject and unravel the causes – and cures- of wedding panic.

Causes and Cures for Wedding Panic

In the research from popular wedding articles on online wedding blogs, everyone is taking about “BRIDEZILLA”.
If you ask me, this term is extremely unfair and judgemental!
I want to tell all brides out there, that we have every right to “go mental” as brides-to-be. Being engaged and planning a wedding is SO charged of various and contrasting emotions:

On the one hand:
Extreme happiness. Excitement. Looking forward to an incredible special day. Waiting for a life together with the love of our life. Getting to choose between fantastic dresses, décor, music, all things related to wedding conceptualizing and design. Looking forward to spending time with family and friends. Fun preparations together with your wedding party.

On the other hand:
Anticipation – easily turned into nervousness. Complex emotions about what lies ahead – marriage is a pretty big commitment right?
Indecisiveness – there seems to  be an infinite of big and small decisions to be made- after about 50 decisions it gets pretty muddled as of what is relevant and irrelevant. (Napkin colours – do you know what I mean?)
The prospect of being centre of attention can frighten some – me included.
The prospect of coordinating and getting all the details to fit together into one smooth and seamless event – we want it to be amazing on top of that.
Family and friends from all walks of life in one place can be joyful but  also overwhelming.
Juggling bridesmaids personalities and making decisions as a group.
Deciding on their dresses – and the big one: deciding on YOUR DRESS, shoes, hair, makeup and accessories – hello! I can take 1 hour getting ready for an evening with book club and I know others that are similar or worse. For a day when one is going to be the most photographed EVER, one can easily develop anxieties about ones appearance, not to mention ones figure. Especially when there are millions of dresses and shoes etc to choose from.

There is already a lot of pressure on women to look good just in everyday life, on ones wedding that pressure is amplified beyond what many women are comfortable with. A common description of the typical wedding day as PERFECT – no wonder at all that brides-to-be are yearning for a perfect wedding day too, which includes perfect appearance, perfect details and perfect everything. This is why, my dear readers, brides-to-be often come across as “perfectionists” – and it opens every single possibility of immense insecurity.

Causes and Cures for Wedding Panic

Many women getting married have no problems with the above and take wedding preparations in their stride, or just hire a wedding planner. But for any one who has even the slightest inclination towards anxiety and self-doubt, this is definitely one of the more challenging times a woman will ever be going through. (Ok, raising toddlers and teenagers might be worse)

So will everyone PLEASE stop talking about bridezillas now, and simply have some understanding and compassion of what it is like? Brides are often accused for being “Divas”, Neglectful of others (including fiancés),  Aggressive, Irritable, Perfectionists, Obsessed, Attention seeking and the worst: Irrational.
All these behaviours are merely symptoms of the extreme stress, anxiety and the overwhelming phase we are going through. Have some mercy on brides, man!

Instead of the bride being constantly asked to monitor her behaviour, being kinder to bridesmaids, being more grateful, humble and serene, how about her near and dear ones stops mocking her and instead showing a bit compassion and understanding? If she is attention seeking – maybe you haven’t given her enough attention? If a friend of you is getting married and you find her worrying about centrepieces – just stop for a sec and realize that this is a woman in distress, and she is not intentionally being relentless or “irrational”, but only experiencing insecurity and confusion whether to please her grandma or her uncle in the choice of flowers.

It is not a conscious decision by brides to act this way– it is rather that we are under attack by wedding demons, way beyond what we can control ourselves. Our bridezilla diva tendencies is not a choice – it is a result of too much pressure from every direction. Because we have looked forward to this special day for a long time, and now it is fast approaching – surely that is reason enough to get hyper-excited about everything about it – even the flower girls basket?

We have never done this kind of thing before – so it is obvious why one is going to feel insecure and bewildered, all at the very same time.

Causes and Cures for Wedding Panic
Have you ever found yourself spending more than 20 minutes in the cereal aisle of a supermarket trying to decide what breakfast cereal you want? There are simply too many brands to choose from, alluring packaging, concepts of what is good for you or not, in the end of it  you don’t even know what you like anymore. Do I like cranberries or raisins more? Do I prefer granola or flakes? Gooseberry/ almond or cashew/ fig? What about my fiancé, what does he like again – maybe this sports blend? In the end, you might pick up something that you really didn’t like, or walked out of the aisle empty handed.

Even a normal person can find this detailed decision making too much. Multiply that feeling by 10.000 – that is what it is like to be a bride. Do you follow? Stress and too much choice can make any normal human irrational. It is not fun.

Ok, so lets stop ranting and rather take a quick look at what can be done to support a bride you know going through this, or if you are a bride, how you can help yourself feeling this confused way. Because maybe you like me is just sick of spending everyone waking hour thinking about your wedding, debating endlessly with yourself if you want a block heel or a stiletto for your wedding shoe, how much to spend on the dessert buffet, associating everything in your surrounding to your wedding (it is not pleasant im telling you – when I go for a “relaxing” run I cant stop thinking about greenery garlands, and that is most likely why I tripped and bashed my face into the pavement)
Maybe you are sick of finding yourself absent minded and distracted (I have found mittens in the freezer) because your mind is full of possible vendors, leaving you unable to concentrate on everyday tasks.

The main objective is:

To calm the bride/ you down and find some healthy distance to the issue – try watching a lighthearted movie (not about weddings), go for a walk in nature, or visit a friend who is not in your wedding party ( do NOT talk about weddings)
To understand that the bride/ you  are not going crazy, she/ you are going through a stressful time, and everybody does sometime so it’s okay
To realize the bride/ you are not a wedding “freak” and this is really normal (hence the numerous articles on the subject)
The bride is/ you are not acting this way by choice, she is/ you are temporarily taken away by feelings that are outside of her normal personality and she needs gentle treatment to come out of it – not making fun of, brushing over, or abandonment
To understand that the wedding is only the brides/ yours and your fiancés – not some bridal blog or wedding magazine. Peer pressure and comparing with other weddings can leave one feeling “not good enough” But the most important thing is that you create your day your way, not anybody else’s.

Causes and Cures for Wedding Panic

How to deal with yourself/ a bride you know in times of wedding worry before it leads to acute bridal distress
It is important to get some wedding “off”time and plan some time away from wedding planning. For example, try to have a few wedding free days per week
As a wedding planning human being, you are going to have 100s of ideas coming to you at random times. Instead of trying to have all your wedding ideas and thoughts in your head, put it somewhere like in your phone. Me and the fiancé share a list where we jolt down what we come up with, just to get it off our minds, and can look at it later. (We have ended up scrapping most of the ideas already)
Limit wedding related social media time – if Internet was ever accused for being information overload – Pinterest is inspiration overload.
Have a friend – who is not in your wedding party- you can talk to about your wedding who isn’t personally involved. It can be especially helpful to talk to an older, already  married woman. They will help you get some healthy perspective and realistic view points.
Try to solve other things in your life as a distraction – perhaps time to reupholster that sofa? If you don’t keep up with your “normal” life at the same time as wedding planning, you are almost guaranteed to feel empty and sad after the big day – a.k.a the “wedding blues”
Adopt a cheerful motto such as “Everything is going to be fine in the end – and if it is not fine, it is not the end” or similar for a bit of self-reassuring as needed
Try to limit the amount of alcohol you consume – it makes sleeping much  harder, it exacerbates anxiety and endless worries, and is a depressant which could kill motivation.
Don’t crash diet – very bad for your mood and energy levels. Eat balanced, nutritious and stable diet – a bit of this and a bit of that, no deprivation because it tends to backlash in the end.
Have a stable and sensible exercise routine, don’t try too hard or you might burnout or loose the willpower
Pick out 3 – max 5- segments of the wedding to focus harder on, such as the ceremony, dress and the food, and let the other segments of the party be less important (napkins, flower girl baskets etc). That way your attention will not get spread too thin.

Causes and Cures for Wedding Planning Panic
As soon as you are engaged, people will LOVE to tell you everything you should and shouldn’t do. Just smile, say thank you very much, mop up one or two ideas (or none) and then move on. It is your wedding so create it from your heart and your individual circumstances. Know what you love and what you don’t – it will make deciding much easier. No two weddings are ever going to be the same. You are not arranging somebody else’s wedding – your and your grooms only. There is no right or wrong way. Realizing that will take a huge bundle of stress of your shoulders.

It’s hard not to get caught up in all the attention and excitement, and most of the time in is FUN. There’s nothing wrong with being eager about your wedding and gorging in all the details – no matter how serious or silly they are. So try to just relax and have a good time, keep your happiness and motivation level as high as possible, be sensible for your own sake  and enjoy the process! You are most likely only going through this time once in your life, this time will fly by quickly so be as “bridal” as you feel like and hopefully your surroundings will be understanding enough for you to keep up with your wedding enthusiasm 🙂

image sources: hello may // joel allegretto // hey wedding lady   //  magnolia rouge // my wedding guides

Iconic 2017 wedding dresses – the best styles summarized

The year 2017 have seen trends such as tiered skirts, the rise of the illusion bodice, and plunging back designs. There has also been a continuous increase in the popularity of the boho gown, princess gowns as well as modest high necklines.

It is a year where total opposites have worked just as well so it should be easy for every bride getting married this year to find something to suit her taste.

Designers such as Marchesa Bridal, Jenny Packham, Mira Zwillinger and Monique Lhullier have embodied some of these trends perfectly.

Iconic wedding dress looks 2017 ---Presented by Sheer Ever After weddings

Typical looks

Soft and voluminous layers and revealing skin. Barely-there sheer paneling and hot necklines and backs. Skin showing through cutouts -front or back- are also right on the money. The summary key word is “ethereal glamor”.  Look at designers such as Berta or Liz Martinez for inspiration.

Colours: the immaculate white or ivory dress seems passé – rather be fashion-forward go for a shade of dark ivory, light blush, champagne, nude, silver or even serenity blue.

Sleeves: the off-the-shoulder dress continues to triumph, especially for destination, boho-chic and beach brides. Choose either longs sleeve or short sleeve, or just a symbolic “curtain” of fabric worn on your upper arms. Short sleeves, cap sleeves and long sleeves are all seen frequently – the boob tube bodice is no longer a standard choice as more and more brides are opting for some form of design for the shoulders and arms.
Another trend is the looser, less fitted sleeve for a romantic and airy look. The bold and trend setting bride might go  for a dramatic fairly sleeve, flutter or bell sleeve on her dress.

The sweetheart neckline is still a popular choice for bride – in 2017 the plunge got a bit deeper (sometimes all the way down to the waist), but to balance the revealing cleavage an illusion fabric has been added for a bit of coverage.


As well as daring plunging necklines, on the opposite end of the skin-baring spectrum we have seen a rebirth of the modest style dress with high Victorian collars that encircles the base of the neck. The prim and proper necklines have taken hold and will continue to do so in 2018.

So you are free to choose either daring or modest – two opposites that work just as well for your 2017 wedding.

Back design
: Intricate and detailed open backs with or without illusion fabric, and bejeweled details. The deep and super-adorned v-back design also made an entry this year. Show stopping keyhole back designs with intricate and glamourous details such as beading and sequins are also on the rise.


The Styles and Details

The boho trend has definitely taken a hold and is a trend here to stay. 2017 has brought in flavours of gypsy bridal looks, inspired by music festivals and free-loving wedding themes. Look for hippie influence floral pattern French lace, 70’s cut gown with bold details such as fringes, crochet elements and bell sleeves. So great for a non-conventional bride with her main agenda being showcasing her personal and care-free style.



If you are a minimalist bride, 2017 has many exciting dresses to choose from. Separated from unnecessary frills, lace and small details, the fabrics and lines of these dresses are smooth and uncomplicated which gives a clean and sleek impression for the bride who needs very little to  shine. Available in any silhouette, neckline and sleeve length, there is no reason to feel deprived of style.


In the opposite direction, another trend we see an increase in decadent details. Applique, floral 3D detailing, beading, crystals, feathers and twinkling adornments that will make you feel like a star. Expect to see a field of blossoms swirling across the sheer bodice of a floaty romantic dress (ideally in a hue of rose quartz)

The Shapes:

Bridal silhouettes are now less structured and more soft and flowy – perfect for dancing and for hot season weddings. An easy a-line dress with soft tulle or layers of chiffon creates a swishy and light look that will truly make a bride feel liberated and comfortable.

The super size ball gown have seen a come back – good news for the dramatic and traditional bride who craves the princess experience. Tiers and ruffles are also seen more often to add visual interest, give architectural shape and exaggerated volume to the skirt.

The trumpet/ fit and flare silhouette gently hugs in at the hips, and then hangs loosely in a softer flow around the legs. Not quite A-line/ sheath and not quite fitted like a mermaid, this is a perfect shape for equal comfort and allure.


A trend who marries the best of both trends is the detachable over skirt – wear the large size skirt for your ceremony and photos, and for the reception you simply remove the ball gown and reveal a cocktail or fitted dress perfect for mingling and dancing.

crystal design

Choose according to the style of your wedding, personal preference and the season of your wedding. If you follow trends or not is your choice – the important things is that you find the dress you adore, regardless of what anyone else tells you 😉


Image credits: harpers bazaar // wedding insirasi // pinterest


How to select your bridesmaids wisely – practical advise!

How to choose the best bridesmaids    SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Congratulations! You are engaged and you have just started a wonderful and exciting journey of preparing for probably the biggest party and event of your life. But you will need some friends with you along the journey for emotional support, positive encouragement and a little bit of practical help too.

It may feel the most obvious to choose your best friend as your Maid of honour. Good bridesmaids candidates could be your sister, a childhood friend and your grooms sister too perhaps. But before asking them the “question”, it is fine to have a month or so after the engagement, let the high of the engagement settle and avoid letting the rush of emotions influence you to make a premature decision.

There are some important factors to consider in order to create the best Team Bride to help you get married and to share the fun with.

  • Commitment and time

    Will they be around this year? Perhaps they have work lined up in a different country/ city. Consider how much you would want them to be around to help you with dress trials, parties and crafting. Take a look at their life situation – if they just got a new job or a baby, joined a course or any other time consuming commitment, they might not be able to help you as much as they otherwise would have.

    How to choose the best team of bridesmaids

  • Feet on the ground

    How practically minded are they? This also depends on how practical you want them to be of course. If they are absent minded or easily get stressed but have a great taste, perhaps assign them a more suitable job such as helping you to decide on design aspects of they day, such as managing bridesmaids flower crown and shoes as opposed to keeping track of the RSVP lists.

    How to choose the best bridesmaids    SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

  • Holy matron-omy

    Your Maid of honour – is she a good leader/ speaker? Is she sensible and mature? Do she stand by your side in all situations? It is traditional that she gives a speech on the day, and she would normally be assigned to keep track of the rings and being “head of” bridesmaids, as well as many other responsibilities. Ensure that she would be comfortable to manage these significant tasks before assigning her to the role.

    How to choose the best bridesmaids    SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

  • True wisdom

    Wait to see how enthusiastic your close friends really are about weddings – it might not be the way you think. My friend who is a divorcée turned out to  be the most involved and interested in my wedding preparations even though I assumed she would not be keen at all – and now she is giving me great advise about what to expect, how not to fret about dresses, and other most useful words of wisdom.

    How to choose the best bridesmaids    SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

  • According to ability

    What roles do you want them to play? Do you want them to help you choose the dress, venue decor, wedding colours or is it enough that they plan your bridal shower and stand by your side during the ceremony? How will they be useful?

    How to choose the best bridesmaids SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

  • Different strokes for different bridesmaids

    Think about peoples skills and personality – do they have the right attributes? Look for qualities such as being caring, attentive, “together”, being a good companion, having a good eye for details, a positive outlook, being a calming influence and so on and so forth.

    How to choose the best bridesmaids SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

  • Temperament

    Take the nature of each candidate into account. If one of them is known to be an opinionated drama-queen who loves being in the centre of attention, or your mate from varsity who can’t hold down a job and seems to have a new boyfriend every month, will possibly not be the most stable support for you, even if you have had lots of fun together and love her as a friend.

    How to choose the best bridesmaids    SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

  • Tendencies

    Take a honest look at what every candidates energy and ability to be a positive force is like. If they have a tendency to complain, pull out of commitments or cancel your dates, not answer the phone, talk mostly about themselves – rule them out immediately. You want your team to be able to focus on you and fill you with positivity. Reliability and accountability is a must.

    How to choose the best bridesmaids SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

  • Say yes to the best

    If they are going to accompany you to your wedding dress appointments – make sure that they would put your interests first, as opposed to their personal opinion. Have you ever seen the show Say Yes To The Dress? Then you know what a nightmare a strongly opinionated entourage can be. Try to find out if they would put you first in this situation by taking them out for a regular shopping trip first.

    How to choose the best bridesmaids    SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

  • Future investment

    What do you see you and this friends relationship to be like in 10 or 20 years time? Is she a contact you can count on to be around or is she a brand new or possibly a fleeting friend? Do you honestly see it possible for you to be friends for life? This might not matter right now, but prepare yourself by considering the future.

    How to choose the best bridesmaids SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

  • Keeping it simple is ok

    You don’t have to choose more than 2 bridesmaids, just for the sake of it. Quality support is better than quantity. The more members of your squad, the biggest risk for disagreement and confusion – choosing outfits is a classic scenario with potential for difficulty.

    How to choose the best bridesmaids SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

  • With your heart

    Maybe  you feel fine to deviate from any of the points above,and that  is totally up to you. Don’t let anything stand in the way for your personal feeling about who you wan’t to have around during this precious time. Just being aware of who they are and can offer can help to prevent any disappointment further down the line.

    How to choose the best bridesmaids SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

  • Meaningful maids

    Choose women who mean the most to you, that you admire and feel good when you are around. You don’t need to follow conventional traditions when selecting your crew – go with your gut instinct when it comes to your final decision. Select thoughtfully, and be fine which whoever you decide on.

    How to choose the best bridesmaids    SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com


  • Choose a bridesmaid just because you know you can ask her certain favours, or use her contact network or other resources to your advantage when planning the wedding. She will probably end up feeling abused and that will not be a good experience for either of you. Mutual respect is very important – be a fair bride just as you expect them to be fair to you.

    How to choose the best bridesmaids SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

  • Make your decision too quickly. Mull over the options before making your final decision. Use the first month to figure out just how big interest your close friends take in this journey you just embarked on and what role they play in your life.

    How to choose the best bridesmaids SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

  • Feel obliged to ask somebody just because she asked if she could be your bridesmaid. Be honest and explain that it was a tough decision but you have considered it carefully, or tell her that you want to think about it for a bit first.

    How to choose the best bridesmaids    SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

  • Choose somebody unless they are 100 % fond of your fiancé and are fully supportive of your engagement. Total agreement and encouragement is key.

    How to choose the best bridesmaids SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com
    You hopefully have a clearer picture of who makes the best team to support you in your wedding. After picking out the members, you can enjoy to so much fun and excitement with them. Good luck!

    PS. Don’t forget to spoil your girls along the way to show your appreciation!

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Eco-weddings: How to make your big day environmentally friendly

Eco-friendly wedding inspiration  SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Typical weddings are known be heavy on resources and can clock up quite a few carbon emissions and materials going to waste after being used just for one day. But having the time of your life doesn’t mean you can’t be kind to the environment at the same time, without compromising on your dream day’s appearance.

Here are some tips to throwing the best party ever with the least environmental impact.

  1. Eco-style

    Generally speaking, the easiest way to “greenify”your wedding is to simply making it smaller. The fewer people, the less travel, materials and waste produced.
    But you can of course counterbalance the wastage by adopting a minimalist approach to reduce resources used in the production of your wedding day.

    Think that you are confined to a rustic theme with brown invites, vintage tea cups and home made decor? You needn’t skimp on elegance just because you go green. Keep the elegance by implementing a botanical theme, use minimalist as your main approach and buy a sophisticated dress from a eco-conscious designer such as Minna or Reformation. Off-set the carbon imprint by serving a vegan/ vegetarian menu and hosting your wedding locally. Instead of asking for gifts or giving out favours, you can ask people to donate money into a charity with an environmental cause.

    Eco-friendly wedding inspiration SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

  2. Invitation environmental ingenuity

    There are wonderful paperless options for your invitation – just look online and you will find numerous wedding websites and apps that are often free and easy to use both for yourself and your guests. It makes RSVPing so much easier when the guest clicks a button in their electronic invite and you instantly get an updated list of who is coming, and can keep a quick tally of the numbers and any dietary restrictions. Don’t we all prefer to do everything online these days anyway?

    If you must have traditional paper invite, source recycled paper and make them as small as possible. Instead of making separate papers for Details, directions and RSVP, try to fit them on one paper, or provide a wedding website address where the guests can look up further information. You can skip the Save the dates altogether – or just make a phone call to those who live far-away who may need to make travel plans further in advance.
    Instead of printing menus for everyone – save time, money and paper by writing the menu on an old window or mirror by each table instead.

    For your registry – unless you really need a toaster and new crockery – consider asking your guests for a cash donation instead of something that might end up collecting dust. This way you can spend the money on something really worthwhile – and it will save a lot of paper on packaging too.


  3. Green dress success

    The fashion industry, including the bridal fashion industry, is not famous for it’s environmental consciousness. But there are ways you can be eco-clever with your bridal attire: number one is to repurpose an old dress – for example your mothers – where you use existing material and turn it into your very own dream dress. It is a wonderful way to pass down a special heirloom and it will great for both you and your mum for many more reasons than environmental.

    Buying a second hand dress is equally eco-friendly. Look in local classifieds or designated preloved dresses online shops for gorgeous discounted designer dresses that need a new bride to make happy.

    If you want to purchase a brand new gown, seek out designers who either has a “zero waste” policy (which means all the wastage from pattern cutting is minimized) and/ or choose a designer that creates sustainable gowns, whether it’s by hand-making the dress or supporting women in developing countries.

    Certain fabrics are more eco-friendly than others. Buy fabrics that are decomposable and made of natural fibre, and for extra conciseness, make sure the fabrics are made in fair working conditions.

    Ingenious brides who dont want to part with their dress, may also find ways to make use of their wedding dress after the big day is over: a baby crib cover, baby girl dress, teddy bear, a new top and skirt, lingerie, cushion cover, a scarf, lanterns – anything you can think of making something white with. You can even make a necklace!

    Eco-friendly wedding inspiration  SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com


  1. Deco=eco

    As for most stylish weddings, less is more when it comes to decor – the less material you use, the less wasteful your wedding will be. Minimalist = environmentalist. You will save money and time too!

    Make sure that your decorations have either been re-purposed already, or will be possible to re-purpose after the wedding. How about thrifting all your reception decor from charity shops or vintage shops, and handing it back to the shop they came from afterwards? I guarantee you will have the most unique wedding ever, and this is just such a great way to put a personal stamp on your decor.
    For the more modern and minimalist look wedding look, paint recycled wine bottles white for elegant and classy vases.

    Or how about sourcing your decorations from your local landscape? Rocks, driftwood, grasses, feathers, shells – fits like a hand in glove with a bohemian decor scheme. Combine with harvested wild flowers and you  have a wedding as beautiful as Mother Nature herself.
    Upcycling – another wonderful way to save on resources. Pallet wood, tin cans, jam jars, glasses and plywood can make fantastic and on-trend decorations with just a small bit of DIY that anyone could handle.

    If you want a traditional decoration for your wedding, try to at least avoid using polystyrene and plastic, and recycle as much as you possible can.
    Avoid balloons and send-off Chinese lanters – they are pretty but create garbage in undesirable places.

    A clever way to reuse (and make some bucks) is to sell or rent out your wedding decor after the wedding – you can of course hire yours as well if you have the possibility – it save a lot of effort and hassle too.

    Eco-friendly wedding inspiration  SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com


  2. Eco-power flowers

    If you are getting married in spring or summer, you should easily be able to find your wedding flowers in abundance in a nearby field.
    You could minimize the flowers you use and go for a majority of greenery and foliage instead – and you get extra trend-bonus points as well. Pampas grasses are another fashionable edition to this years flower design, and add interesting texture and movement to decorations and your bouquet.
    Using succulents that can be replanted after the wedding (they root easily) is a smart way of making sure nothing goes to  waste. Likewise, why not use potted plants on your centrepieces instead of cut flowers? Branches can also look just as nice in a vase.
    Fruit and vegetables can be used as colourful and interesting centrepieces – what you can’t use after the wedding, donate to a local food bank or give to family to enjoy.
    For your confetti: use leaves, herbs or small flowers such as lavender and rosemary instead. Pretty, fragrant and no clean up required after. Make confetti holders by rolling upcycled paper into cones.
    If you are going for traditional flower arrangements I have only two words: local and seasonal!


  3. Environmentally favourable favours

    Give responsibly! Edible flavours such as homemade jam, organic coffee beans honey, or plants or a bag of seeds to plant are all great ideas of eco-friendly favours for your guests that everyone will appreciate. You could even give a little tree seedling to offset the carbon emissions from all the miles people have travelled to attend your wedding.
    If you can’t think of anything worthwhile to give, how about offering the money  you were going to spend on favours to a charity with an environmental cause? Your guests will not be disappointed, and you will set a great example for future weddings.


  4. Hire the attire

    Just as for your dress, consider having your groom and groomsmen renting their outfits, or using something they already own. Chances are they would only wear this outfit once anyway. Matchy-matchy is no longer a must for wedding outfits – just give a guideline and let them dig out what they have. Everybody has a white shirt and grey pants; and suspenders and a funky bowtie can easily be found in a vintage shop. Then let them rent a jacket and waistcoat – it will save everybody money and time too.
    For your bridesmaids – give them a budget and colour scheme and then let them buy their own. If they choose something themselves, they will pick something they will wear again and this way the fabric has not been wasted just for one use. Perhaps they already have something in their wardrobes that can be coordinated?
    Head to a vintage market together as an outing and be surprised how creative you can be with the bridesmaids look.
    If you must have matching evening dresses for your girls, either rent the gowns, or buy preloved (like we hope you did with your dress).

    Eco-friendly wedding inspiration  SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com


  5. When it comes to venue: local is better

    For the venue, do consider your nearby options first. Picking a destination across the ocean for 100 people to travel to – well you can imagine how many tonnes of damaging emissions that produces. A farm, an Inn or a forest outside your town is a wonderful eco-friendly and less expensive alternative. Also consider your favorite restaurant, your local library or why not a warehouse for a bit of wedding-edginess.
    If your venue is far from the nearest town, consider arranging a shuttle of guests or organize car-pooling – it will mean more guests can enjoy your bar menu without driving restrictions.
    When setting up the venue,make sure that somebody installs 4 different bins for collecting waste: Paper, tins, glass and other.

    Eco-friendly wedding inspiration  SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com


  6. Eating without cheating

    Look carefully at the products used to create your menu. As much as possible, make sure the chef uses seasonal ingredients and locally grown produce. If you serve fish, make sure it is sustainably fished. If you are serving meat, use it as an ingredient as supposed to the main event. Chicken and pork are less heavy on water and resources than beef and lamb.
    If there are organic options, choose them as much as possible. See if the ingredients could possibly be purchased from the farmer to minimize fuel for transporting to and from grocery shops, and plastic packaging.

    Ask your chef to carefully calculate the servings as to minimize food wastage. Arrange all leftovers to be stored properly and be taken to a soup kitchen the next day.


  7. DIY-savvy

    Doing DIY for your wedding is a wonderful and fun way to personalize your wedding. It might even save you some money and the environment too. But keep in mind that not all DIY projects are eco-friendly. Try to use the principle of up-cycling when choosing your projects, I e turn something already used into something new. For example: doilies into dream catchers. Glass ware from a charity shop into votives. Tin cans into vases. A pretty garland made of fabric scraps.
    Pinterest is full of clever DIY ideas – but remember to use “new” materials as little as possible and rather look at what is already available.
    For crafts that calls for paper – why not use pages from an unloved book? You could even make a stunning table runner this way!


  8. Sweetest honey-moon

    When planning your honeymoon, do consider the flights you have to take in order to get there. Flying less will not only save you money , but perhaps you will find a destination off the beaten track nearer to – or in – your own country that is just as exiting. Perhaps you can book a train instead of driving a car. Romance does not have to travel far to flourish – the most important thing is you and your spouse are alone in eachothers company and can connect and enjoy this precious experience of being newly weds. After so many busy months of wedding planning, chances are that all you want to do is to take it easy for your honeymoon, so anywhere quiet and pretty is going to be as good as anywhere exotic. (Even if you are a self-confessed environmental enthusiast – do NOT consider camping though – you need the comforts this time!)

    Eco-friendly wedding inspiration  SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com
    image credits: pinterest // boho weddings // brides // etsy // weddbook // wedding chicks

Lovable wedding dresses with long sleeves

Longsleeve pin.jpg

Even though my wedding is planned for early summer, I have been quite adamant that I want a longsleeve dress, even in the African heat.

Having sleeves in summer makes sense in some way though – it is a great protection from the burning sun! Also, if you haven’t done as many push-up as you intended to in the months leading up to the wedding, here you have a dress that will be forgiving on arms of any shape.

The long sleeve dresses I have tried make me feel more elegant than the strappy ones. I am not a prudish person otherwise, but covering my arms just feels more “me”. I however don’t mind at all a daring low back though or a plunging neck line – so in fact it isn’t about modesty, rather a style choice. And to stay warm for later in the evening.

For years and years we have seen a majority of wedding dresses being strapless boob-tubes (just one episode of Yes to the dress will confirm that) so it is definitely time to present just  how beautiful and regal a sleeve can make you.

Kate Middleton’s famous dress might have been the beginning of the turn of trends, and we, also recently Kelly Clarkson’s country rustic wedding and many more fashion forward women in the recent past: Alison from Girls, Christina Ricci, Olivia Palermo, Nicky Hilton amongst others.

If you don’t want full sleeves but still enjoy the feeling of a covering, an illusion fabric is the perfect compromise, and here you have the option of adding appliqué or detailing in material of your choice.

An classy bride may opt for full lace sleeves, with or without illusion as the base material, beading or pearl details for extra elegance.
A wild and care free bride could add a fringed or a crochet style lace, and the 70’s vintage bride a flaring bell sleeve.
If you are going for the vintage Hollywood look, well then there is simply not other better kind of dress – just think of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburns iconic dresses.

Whether minimalist or princess gown, there is a long sleeve wedding dress out there which is waiting to be yours. Still unsure? A bridal cover/ bolero will give you the best of two worlds 😉

Let the pictures speak for themselves!

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration  SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration  SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration    SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration     SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration     SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration     SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration     SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration     SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration     SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration     SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com


Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration     SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration     SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration     SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration     SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com


image resources: junebug / one fab day / le frufru / tulle and chantilly / hello may / pinterest

Indigenous and wild flower filled wedding bouquets

Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration  SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Being in the stage of wedding planning when it is time to decide on flower designs, today is the perfect day to present some of my favourite wildflower bouquets that I’ve come across so far, whether small or large, minimalist or bold.

There is something so alluring and romantic about a bouquet which is filled by an array of unusual and colourful wildflowers.  Organic and ethereal, this is truly the notion to romance that any wedding day should not be without. This bouquet style goes particularly well with a bohemian, country rustic but also a modern theme, and you also have a focal point of your wedding where you can instantly show off your unique style.

Opting for a indigenous wildflower bouquet has many other advantages too: you can potentially save some bucks – especially if you chose seasonally available varieties. Being unstructured and not necessarily symmetric either, this could invite to a wedding bouquet DIY project.

Be creative and incorporate not just flowers, but how about a generous amount of greenery such as eucalyptus branches, succulents and ferns, grasses, airplants, or why not try an artichoke or two? Pairing different textures (cotton vs aloe leaves for example) will add surprising elements.

If you still want some roses and peonies – adding these will create an intriguing juxtaposition between new and traditional for your guests to marvel at, pleasing both your grandma and your own cool taste.

Proteas make for a fantastic main component with their size, striking originality and extraordinary shape, and could easily replace any other flower and steal the show entirely on its own.
Hibiscus can also be a fantastic option, especially if you are hosting a tropical themed wedding.

A perfect opportunity for a statement in other words – whether for fashion, anti fashion, or environmental contentiousness or just a sense of playfulness.

When it comes to design and shape you can literally “go wild” – and your florist is most likely going to love this opportunity to show off her creativity, and the options for producing exquisite attention to details are plentiful.

Sit back and be inspired by mother nature.

Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration  SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration  SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration  SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration  SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com


Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration  SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration  SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration  SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration  SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration SheerEverAfter.wordpress.com

Image resources: ruffled blog / modwedding / rock my wedding / wedding forward / brides

Charming champagne wedding dresses

Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after

Champagne wedding dresses have become increasingly popular, and for many good reasons. Not only does it soften the somewhat harsh white, but it is a dreamy alternative to the ivory that has become the wedding standard colour.

Being less traditional and more natural looking than the white or ivory dress, but more “grown up” than blush, it is a great alternative for brides who want to strike a balance between elegance and uniqueness. It is a stunning compromise for fashion forward brides.

Another advantage is that it will be easier to re-purpose your wedding dress after the wedding should you want to wear it again (why not?) – just shorten the hem and you have a fabulous evening dress.

Whether choosing a nude layered underneath a lighter tone fabric to add a 3-dimensional aspect, or as a single colour gown, these light gold hues will add a touch of whimsical as well as bringing an air of sophistication to your look.

Champagne is an ideal colour choice if you have olive skin tone, as the ivory might appear too yellow.

In this weeks dress blog I will showcase just how pretty the champagne tones can be.

Champagne & Nude Wedding dress inspiration - @Sheer ever after
jenny packham via the knot
Champagne wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
reem acra via miss zeit
Champagne & Nude Wedding dress inspiration - @Sheer ever after
ersa atelier via belle the magazine
Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
ersa atelier via wedding inspirasi
Champagne and nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
eva lendel via deer pearl flowers
Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
tara lauren via mod wedding
Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
elie saab via popsugar
Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
via shop style

Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after

Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
via wedding day magazine
Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
via watters
Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
via etsy
Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
rara avis via etsy
Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
via harper’s bazaar
Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
via etsy
Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
via wedding forward
Champagne & nude wedding dress inspiration @Sheer ever after
via i do take two

Wedding planning pitfalls to avoid

Wedding pitfalls to avoid

From losing your engagement ring to overdoing it on decor or failing to keep guests protected from mosquitoes, read on to find out the most common wedding planning errors brides-to-be make.

Get your ring insured

Even if you are the most careful person in the world, accidents that are beyond your control could happen, God forbid. Never take your ring off in public places. Avoid cleaning products with bleach or ammonia that will damage the ring. Don’t clean your ring over an open drain. You can’t stop things from happening but you can get your precious insured, now!

Avoid wedding pitfalls

Put Yourself First

Take time to think about the type of celebration you want. Discuss with your groom and find out what you two as a couple truly represent and what your uttermost desires are – before hitting pinterest and gorging over bridal magazines. That way you will create the wedding that is the closest to your heart and most important to you, as opposed to the off-the-shelf wedding ideas as prescribed by others who you never met.

Don’t be mislead by others advise

As well as my previous point, only absorb as much advise from others that feels relevant for you and your groom. Everybody who got married will often be quick to give suggestions for you, but these are most likely based on what THEY think they should have done differently. Everyone has different priorities and interests don’t they? So while their advise is well intended, it might not apply to the wedding day you are hoping to create.
I have been suggested twice from one friend that I must have “koeksisters” (A south African sweet) on my wedding dessert table – even though I have never even tasted them. She even suggested I put them on the wedding cake! Is this my wedding or is it what she wished she had done?


Do consider your far-away guests needs

Many guest will probably travel from far and wide to attend your wedding. Do write to everybody from out of town to express gratitude for their attendance, as it will be to their considerable expense. They will really appreciate if you surprise them with a “welcome bag” with local goodies as a treat. On your wedding website, include a list of recommended accommodation and popular activities in your area, or simply send out a group email specifically for out-of-towners. Even suggest that guests coordinate to stay at the same hotel or at least near each other (and you). A nice way for everybody to get to know each other is to arrange list of activities, sightseeing and meals together in the week leading up to the wedding. (You and your groom do not have to attend all of them)

Also consider their comfort on the wedding

Provide necessary items for your wedding guests comfort at your outdoors wedding
Such as bug spray, blankets, umbrellas, heaters and/ or a midnight snack. I have seen at a couple of weddings that the bridal couple provide flip flops for guests to dance in or to have a welcomed relief from formal shoes – and then keep as a favour. Quite a cool idea.

Wedding pitfalls to avoid

Provide entertainment and enough snacks during waiting time

If there is a long waiting time between the ceremony and the reception, when you are off taking photographs for example, make sure that there is enough things for guests to keep themselves entertained while they wait. Lawn games, mad libs, colouring books for the children, and help-your-self finger foods. Make sure there is water and lemonade or similar for the guests to keep hydrated, especially if it is a hot day. Happy guests that have something to do and are having fun, will create the best atmosphere for your wedding day.

Feed your vendors

You don’t need to feed your florist and her assistant, or the officiant, but for the vendors that are spending the day at your wedding should be getting a meal as part of their deal. You don’t want your photographer to have an empty stomach when capturing the most significant moments of the day. Or the DJ to suffer from fatigue when building up the energy on the dance floor. Ensure they always have a water bottle handy, and fruit/ energy bars would also be a considerate way to keep them going.

Wedding pitfalls to avoid

Create your decor and tables with you and your grooms own style in mind

There are too many wedding that look like every other. Be creative and individual in your wedding design and remember that each table doesn’t have to look exactly the same either. Let the decorations be as unique as you are. It will be all the more interesting for guests to look at, and make your wedding even more memorable.

Wedding pitfalls to avoid

Consider the venue when planning the decor

Do have the venue in mind when planning the decor. Rustic boho might not blend well  in to a chateau wedding, and vice versa.  Even if you are going for a gypsy festival theme, remember to keep it tasteful – you don’t want to over-decorate or block guests views across the tables. Less is often more.

At your engagement party, bachelorette and bridal shower, make sure that each guest is also going to be invited to the wedding

Needless to say, always be considerate and fair, so keep the wedding party consistent leading up to the wedding so no one gets left out. (If they can’t attend the wedding for own reasons you can of course include them, if they want)

Wedding pitfalls to avoid

Be flower wise

Make sure the flowers you are choosing for the table are not too overpowering in fragrance. It might disturb the experience of the meal, and some might be allergic too. Discuss with your florist carefully your colour scheme and theme of the wedding so she can create the best visual impact. Your favorite flower might have to be imported or out of season – you  can keep flower costs down by choosing seasonal and locally grown flowers. A florist will help you with the best alternatives.

Also bring along a picture of your dress to the florist so that she can match the size and shape of the bouquet to the design of your dress.

Wedding pitfalls to avoid

Try not do DIY everything

Cake, dessert, invites, place cards, centrepieces, garter, photo booth props, even your wedding dress.. some brides can and will do it all, with or without help from friends and family. But to avoid decor anxiety, try to limit your projects to just a few things, those that feel most relevant, realistic and not too time consuming. Many pinterest ideas look so wonderful and fabulous online, but chances are they won’t look so amazing in real life. Be DIY savvy and don’t try to overachieve. It can get stressful, and worst scenario would be if they don’t ready in time/ break/ don’t end up looking like you want.

Remember to eat!

You might be so busy that you forget to eat your own wedding food, and excited that you don’t feel the hunger. But it is important to have something in your stomach for energy, and especially when you start on the cocktails. Have your caterer prepare a take away box in the kitchen that you can take with you to the hotel, in case you are ravenous!

Wedding pitfalls to avoid

Plan the toasts as well as the speeches

As nice it can be to be saluted, chances are that the wedding guest with the microphone will barge ahead and sneak in a few minutes speech into their toasts. Coordinate beforehand who is making speeches and who is toasting and make sure that everybody knows to keep to a certain time limit so you don’t bore the other guests or cut into the rest of the party time.

Allow for surprise costs in the budget

Extra facials, tip to a vendor that was forgotten about, last minute dress adjustments, extra hours for the photographer or an unexpected taxi ride – it is a very good idea to have an contingency plan, as much as 10% of the total budget, for unforeseen expenses.

Let the little things go

As much  as you can, plan the wedding thoroughly. But you can’t and won’t be able to control every single detail on the wedding day. When the day comes, just disengage from planning and coordination mode and just enjoy the day with your groom, family and friends. No one but you  is going to notice those minor things that might occur. Don’t be a bridezilla and try not to worry so much – the day will be perfect for what it is. The best way to overcome mistakes is to keep calm and happy, and smile, because these memories will last a lifetime – so just enjoy everything!

Wedding pitfalls to avoid










Choosing a wedding photographer + important questions to ask!


Finding the right wedding photographer is almost like looking for a wedding dress: there are so many out there and they pretty much all look amazing when you see the photos. But it is not always clear until you see them in real life and find out if it fits.

There are important things to find out before you make your decision and sign the dotted line. We at Sheer have put together a list of key questions that you should always ask your photographer before you pay the deposit. The answer to these questions below should give you a much clearer picture (hehe)

The good ones can easily cost as much as R33.000 – and if you are hoping to spend under R100.000 on your wedding, that is already third of the budget. But there are ways to spend less: we chose an up and coming photographer that was recommended by a friend, and judging from the engagement shoot, the photos will be just as amazing as a fully established wedding photographer.

It is not only a matter of choosing the person who takes the best pictures; you and your groom also have to reassure yourself that you are happy with your photographers background, experience, way of working and that the package you pay for includes everything you need.To some extent, you also want to make sure that the personal chemistry also works!

The photography is a big part of the day and there are many ways the photographer can work. Some like to take charge and stage pictures and ask you to pose, whereas some will stick in the background and take the pictures as they naturally unfold.

Some styles quickly explained:

Reportage photography style: 
This style is characterized by a natural approach from the photographer who follows the couple and the guests throughout the day while recording the events of the wedding as they happen in an unobtrusive manner.

Traditional style:
Traditional wedding photographers concentrate on the key moments and group shots only and involves a great deal of staging and formal setups. Although the images document the participants, they may not capture the atmosphere correctly and the candid moments of the wedding day.

Contemporary style
The photographer aims to find interesting spots as a backdrop and unusual angles. Similarly to the traditional style, images may not fully represent the originality of the wedding, and the photographer’s style will dominate the overall atmosphere of the wedding day.

You might find that your photographer is able to give you a mixtures of all 3 styles. Decide as a couple what will suit you best.

Remember to  always take a good look at their portfolio and ensure that you are happy with their style and modus operandi.

Good luck! Print and bring along to your first meeting!

Click to download as PDF

Questions for wedding photographer