FREE Romantic and Whimsy Wedding Fonts


Todays font collection is intended to introduce playful twists on classic wedding elegance, giving a enchanted and romantic wedding decor and stationery for your guests to admire. Combined with elements such as unstructured flower arrangements, floaty fabrics, soft color schemes and an informal yet elegant format, will bring a touch of untamed fairytale imagination and poetic freedom. Think Belle from Beauty and the Beast at a tea party with Jane Austen on a wild flower meadow.

Sweet rustic wood wedding sign: | Photography: Koman Photography -
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If you are planning a romantic whimsical wedding, make sure to begin with your stationary. Using a swirly decorative script font means you will introduce the sense of whimsy romance to your guests early on.

"Alice in Wonderland" themed refreshments for a bridal shower
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Let the theme carry through to your wedding signs, table numbers and seating charts, all the way to the thank you cards you send when the wedding has come and gone.

Other areas you  can personalize your design with typography is your wedding programs, your vow book and menus.

gold wax seals and white escort cards
junebug weddings

A touch of vintage elegance is sure to enhance your printed wedding decor. Using wax seals, ornate frames, torn or deckle edge paper ware and a decorative font will bring that old world romantic ambiance straight into the present day. Add loose sprigs of greenery to modernize and soften the formal look.

Floral wedding stationery inspiration from a romantic fine art shoot. Photography by Gyan Gurung                                                                                                                                                                                 More
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Invitations with floral motives, water color and calligraphy symbolize femininity, elegance and romance are all perfect ingredients for your whimsical wedding day.

Let whimsy romance sparkle on!

Reception Sparkler Bar Gold Framed Sign Metallic Vase Tealight Candles Bohemian & Whimsical Garden Wedding in North Carolina
whimsical wonderland weddings



  1. Penny gum (ADORN GARLAND)
  2. Fit n flare (BOMBSHELL PRO)
  3. Marriage prayer (HALLELUJAH)
  4. Vow book (STORY BOOK SCRIPT)
  5. Fig decor (FRUTILLA)
  6. First dance (DANCING SCRIPT)
  7. Lavender (GARDENIA)
  8. Centerpiece (ADORN POMANDER)
  9. Buttercream (BUTTERCUP)
  10. Spring nuptials (SPRING TIME)
  11. Bridesmaid (MISS BEAUTIFUL BOLD)
  12. Something blue (NOELAN)
  13. Honeymoon (LISBON SCRIPT)

Planning An Extraordinary & Fuss-Free Wedding Part 2: The Extraordinary Aspects

Last week we shared some examples of wedding traditions and etiquettes that some people might agree with us are not THAT important to focus on in the wedding, that could be downscaled or perhaps even left out. In this weeks Wedding Planning post, we present you with the areas that we believe are more relevant.

(For your own interpretation, of course!)

Extraordinary wedding ceremony

Dress – When I say relevant, I do not mean you need to expect to go into the “Say yes to the dress rapture”, but you need to feel comfortable and feel great wearing the dress. You might have seen a fab gown in an advert. But if you don’t love wearing it for the right reasons, you will regret it later. A more expensive dress is not necessarily going to be any better or more fabulous. Guests will not appreciate your appearance more because you spent more! Find a dress that feels “you” and remember that trends go out of fashion quickly so rather go for a timeless design. Remember there are 100s of dresses out there that could be “the one” – you will know when you  are wearing one just by how it makes you feel.



Hair– unless you are a hairstylist with serious skills it will be very hard to get your own hair right, even if you are going for a hair down boho style, you need a pro to make sure it is looking perfectly un-done and stays that way.



Wedding rings– it is for life – get something on the less “complicated” side, that way you wont grow out of it in 10 years. They are precious and symbolic to you and your husband and will always be a reminder of your love and commitment. Get wedding bands that you will identify with for a long time ahead, and don’t be afraid to custom make if you are not sure what you love the most. Classic and simple will be more durable for the test of time than trends.



Photography and videography – The big names can seem really expensive, but it is probably going to be worth it. If you don’t want to spend a third of your budget on photography and videography, do seek out up-and-coming photographers instead who  are not yet as established, whos work is most likely going to be just as good.

Whoever you end up choosing, be sure that you LOVE their style and previous work. They must also be able to make you feel comfortable and natural – so use that engagement shoot as a way to test the chemistry out and get used to the idea of being in front of the camera.
The pictures and videos are going to be your memories and documentation for the rest of your life – so the photographer and videographer talent and technique is everything!
New thing worth spending on: having a wedding gopro or even a drone to capture the ceremony, the venue and the wedding reception like nobody else saw it.


Ceremony music– If you go for live ceremony music and performance, make sure they are really good. Broken violins or off-key voices are not befitting for the special occasion and start of your marriage.

Officiant – ideally choose someone you  really click with. This part of the day is likely to be the most special to you and your groom and he/ she will say words of huge significance to you and your guests, so you don’t want to let budget decide when choosing officiant. Rather go for personal chemistry, recommendations and previous work records. Meeting and and communicating with the several times before the wedding is key.


Seating never go for plastic budget chairs! It is worth spending more to create the appropriate seating for your guests. Comfort is most important, so before you pick chairs, sit in them to make sure they feel good, and if possible have a seat cushion too. People will remember if they were uncomfortable for the whole night. Make sure the elderly guests will be comfortable too, maybe they need a few extra cushions or a more supportive chair. Lounge seating and barstools are equally important for the mingling hours  – no one likes tired feet. Ps. Make sure that all chairs are clean and not broken!


Having a weather plan B – needless to  say, we can never be in control of the weather, and even if the wedding is in the middle of summer you can never be too sure. If your wedding is outdoors, have a marquee or other structure where you can seek shelter. If parts of the day needs to be outside, it’s a nice idea to provide umbrellas or rain jackets for guests to borrow. Likewise, have blankets to hand out if it gets colder later in the evening, and a few gas heaters are also a good idea. Guests will go home sooner if they cold! It is not nice be too hot either – so that tent will be crucial to provide shade. Some fans and sunscreen is also a good idea.

Young guests will require entertainment or you wedding might turn chaotic. Games, drawing pads with crayons, activity book, and do consider a special kids area and appointing a child minder, so that the parents can focus on enjoying the day with you. appropriate food for children should be a priority – a hungry and frustrated child can quickly become a loud and demanding monster. Having children in your wedding can add a wonderful atmosphere, it can turn the other way too though. Don’t feel obliged to invite children, everybody will understand.

Entertainment for guests – if everyone can find something to do, your wedding is gonna be so much more enjoyable. Especially if there is a period of waiting in between ceremony and reception, do provide guests with something to keep occupied with. For example an upbeat live band, lawn games, mad libs, a huge canvas to paint on, guest book (make this a fun and interactive one), lounge seating with comfortable cushions, finger foods, plenty of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink options, wedding bingo or other Q&A competition, etc. Create different zones and make it unique and fun – happy guests and laughters makes for the best wedding atmosphere, and all those interactive things to do will ignite conversation and make the guests familiar with one another. If the activities are a bit ridiculous that is good – you are creating life long lighthearted memories!



Wedding night hotel – Don’t go for budget options, but do tell the hotel (after) you have booked that it is for your wedding night. Ask them to leave a bottle of champagne and chocolates for you, or whatever you may like. The bed needs to be comfortable and the room quiet and secluded. Go for luxe and comfort  and make sure they can deliver breakfast to the room- this is a once in a lifetime night so indulge yourself! Make sure the room has a large bathtub so you can enjoy a relaxing, unwinding post wedding romantic bath. Do NOT stay at home!

Food and Drink – cut décor and wedding party costs and rather splash on amazing food – this is what guests will be taken aback by and remember for years to come. I am not a food and wine connoisseur, but I can ensure you what a great difference there is between a good vs bad tuna steak or Chardonnay. Rather go for flavour and abundance as opposed to trying to impress with fancy presentations and pretentious sounding names.

Special touches – What guests really are going to love and remember about your wedding are special personal touches (not Pinterest touches – sorry). So think together with your groom what you as a couple love, represent, and live for. For example: you love travel and you met in Mozambique on a charity project. Can you add a node to these aspects of your life to you wedding? Perhaps one or both of you have a hobby which can bring an influence. If you own a horse or a dog why not include it somehow? Walk down the aisle to your favorite Guns N Roses song. Serve dim sum as starters if your favorite restaurant is Chinese. If you are into cycling, have a miniature bicycle on top of the cake instead of the usual plastic toppers. And so on and so forth. – How can you make the wedding truly you? Let your imagination guide the way!

Another lovely way to individualize your big day is to involve friends and family in the making of your wedding. Maybe somebody makes the best brownies. Your uncle might have an impressive collection of patterned ties that the groomsmen can borrow. Maybe somebody is even legally able to officiate? Not only for saving cash, but more so to involve and personalize – everybody you ask will feel honoured  to help out, and coming together as a group for a great cause is a perfect way to strengthen family bonds.

Economize in the areas that feel less meaningful to you, so that you can make the parts of your wedding that matters extra special. Make it your day, your way. Be less concerned with following norms and traditions that doesn’t resonate with you, and concentrate on creating a fabulous and non-fussy day filled with memorable moments that you can proudly say it’s yours. 

All the best

image sources: bridal guide // brides // weddings online // 100layer cake // style me pretty

Planning An Extra-ordinary & Fuss-Free Wedding Part 1: The Fuss-free Aspects

Making sense of wedding traditions - for a fuzz-free wedding day

Have you read a wedding planning checklist yet? There are long lists of details that I could never imagine had to be present in my wedding. I don’t like stress. I don’t like unnecessary waste. And I don’t like clutter. How is that going to work when planning a wedding?

As a “child of the earth” who has swapped countries several times, my values are a mix from all over, and I don’t feel any need to include any rituals in my wedding which are outlined by implication. I am not practicing any religion and not feeling any particular bond to a specific cultural traditions either.

My fiancé has a Jewish ancestry and we will have a kind of Jewish ceremony,  we are including some meaningful elements as a node to his background. I am looking forward to decorate our chuppa with a green garland and lengths of chiffon, crushing the glass and everyone shouting Mazeltov! It will be exotic and personal!

But other than that, the other wedding day elements we have picked are those we feel are close to our heart, and others have been entirely excluded. I don’t want my husband to remove a garter in front of everyone I know, and tossing a bouquet seems to me like superstition and a waste of good flowers.

Traditional or not traditional, I find that many of these to-do-items seem irrelevant. I feel so lucky that I am planning a wedding in times when it is accepted to create a totally unique and different wedding, even in vouge!

With this article, I just want to remind and encourage you brides out there that we don’t have to follow a set of rules to get married – there are no criteria we have to fulfill -apart from the legal required procedure – the rest of the day is up to us.  We decide exactly how traditional or avantgarde we want to be, how typical-of-a-wedding day we’d like, or if we take this as the perfect opportunity to create our new traditions, our way.

This list is one part frugal, one part time-saving, one part de-stressing, and one tiiiny part cynical towards standard wedding norms.. 😉

Less relevant (in my opinion):

Save the dates: They are pretty and alluring, I agree. But isn’t this a very recent invention? Sending out the invites 2 months before is plenty notice. For your international guests, a personal email or phone call is much nicer. Just another reason for stationery makers to separate you from another chunk of your wedding budget. An option is to create your Save the date digitally, and send as an email.

Teeth whitening – if you brush 2 minutes twice a day and floss every other day, how bad can it possibly be?

Making sense of wedding traditions - for a fuzz-free wedding day

Pre-wedding manicure – I appreciate that many girls are already in a nail routine and love it, but if you are not then I don’t see any need to start one during your engagement just because you will show your ring to people. They will look at the ring, not your nails. Keeping them clean is enough. For your big day, it could however be a nice treat for a bit of “princessification”. I’d recommend to choose a timeless nail design as you will look at the photos when you are 80. What is in fashion now quickly goes out of fashion.

Making sense of wedding traditions - for a fuzz-free wedding day

Elaborate Centre pieces – candles and some foliage such as olive or penny gum goes a long way. Maybe a potted plant or cactus from your existing collection? A basket of colourful fruits and vegetables? Remember that not every table has to look the same either. Fewer, well executed decorations are going to be much more effective and stylish than big and over designed ones, if you ask me. Im a fan of the potted plant concept – they cost the same but last a long time (given you treat it right).

Making sense of wedding traditions - for a fuzz-free wedding day
Favours – No one in South Africa had heard about it before Pinterest. It is a nice gesture, but your guests are really not going to mind if they didn’t get a bag of homemade popcorn or a mini jar of decantered honey. Your invitation and hosting is plenty. (In some cases, they might be relieved). They will rather have a great selection of cheese to nibble on at the wedding.

Aisle carpet or decorations – total overkill. All the guests are just looking at you, and you and the groom are just looking at eachother. The bride will be decoration enough! Keep it simple and focus on beautiful bunches of foilage and flowers on the arch, at the entrance to the aisle or on the ceremony table. That is where people will look at and appreciate it.

Making sense of wedding traditions - for a fuzz-free wedding day

Programs – another irrelevant piece of paper that will be looked at momentarily only to then be tossed. They all know what will happen: The officiant will speak, someone’s gonna sing, somebody else might read something nice, more music and then vows, kiss, confetti, hoorays!


Bridal beauty pressures such as Wedding day perfume – whats wrong with your normal one? Or if you don’t usually wear, why should you now? You might end up spending the day sneezing, or your husband might not enjoy it – how we smell is how we subliminally are attracted to eachother, so wearing a brand new perfume could be a bit of a gamble.

Beating yourself up in the gym or through a starvation diet – unless you loose more than 7 kgs, very few people are going to notice anything anyway. You are getting married, not signing up for bikini model school. Size 10 is no better than size 12, and 12 no better than 14. Your sanity is priority. Stick to your normal routine. Your dress will work the magic if it fits you right.
Facials every month leading up  to the wedding – it is a nice pampering treat which could be good for relaxation. But your skin is probably not going to be visible through the ultra-photogenic foundation you’ll be wearing on your wedding day. Washing and moisturizing regularly and a face pack once a week will go a long way.

Talking about makeup – most of us knows how to prettify ourselves to look a bit more polished – there are plenty of online tutorials too. Use what you would spend on the makeup artist to buy your own professional makeup instead, that you can use again and again. The natural, understated look is always going to be more pretty and timeless in the end. Go for a look that you will proudly show your children.

My advise is: don’t try to be or look like anyone else than yourself.

Making sense of wedding traditions - for a fuzz-free wedding day

Fancy backdrop or floral wall– ribbons, makramé or foliage attached on string will be plenty decorative, pin-worthy and unique. Minimalists might favour strings of lights or some beautiful fabric instead.

Making sense of wedding traditions - for a fuzz-free wedding day

Flowers everywhere – it s expensive, only lasts a few hours and is costly for you and the environment. Unless you can forage wildflowers or cut flowers from somebody’s garden – reduce the wastage and expenditure by choosing greenery over florals, having an organically produced bouquet, have bridesmaids carry a single stem flower and keeping flower decorations to a minimum. Choose your favorite flowers and display them where they will be appreciated for years to come – such as in your hair, on your wedding cake and your bouquet (as they will be photographed the most here)
People hardly notice what is hanging in the trees or above the tables anyway.


Making sense of wedding traditions - for a fuzz-free wedding day
Sit-down starters – Why not let the starters happen during cocktail hours as canapés and fingerfoods. Less formal and more dynamic mingling and interaction.
100s of homemade signs with slogans/ rhyming instructions on. It is only cute up to a point, then it quickly gets corny. Stick to 2-3 essential ones, such as directions to the toilet and where to sign the guest book.
Groomsmens outfit – rent or borrow, or look for more or less matching wardrobe items such as white shirt and grey trousers, then coordinate with a matching tie or bowtie. Mismatched is also great!

Making sense of wedding traditions - for a fuzz-free wedding day
Co-ordinating bridesmaids makeup, hairstyle, earrings, bangles, nail polish… having them wearing more or less the same colour and hairpiece/ crown is plenty enough. No one will notice the details. Your wedding is not boarding school. As for shoes, let them pick a matching colour from their own wardrobes – for example white, black, or metallic. I’ve asked mine to wear leather sandals because they are nice and everyone has got a pair.
Wedding music – for the background music and DJ, an ipod playlist will do just as good job, as long as there is someone who can press the stop and play button as needed.
Individual wedding menus – guests will look at it once. Printing one per table will be enough, or writing it on a bigger board for more to see.
Paper invites – easier to manage RSVPs’ if you send from a wedding website. People prefer to do everything online these days anyway. Cheaper, less time consuming, and less paper waste too (yes you do know they will end up in the bin soon enough?) No guest is going to turn down your wedding because they didn’t think the invites where goo enough.
Fancy table runners and napkins – table runners are just an unnecessary detail and can make tables seem overly busy. All that napkins need to do  is absorbing the dribbling  soup starter and your smudging lipstick, so thread count and colour is never gonna be worth remembering. I ensure you: nobody is EVER gonna say “Oh do you recall cousin Mark’s wedding – the napkins were just SO stylish and soft”. I guarantee it. Spend that money on great wine instead, that’s something guests will appreciate more. (You do need napkins- don’t get me wrong – but in this area there is no need to go for top quality)

Making sense of wedding traditions - for a fuzz-free wedding day
The extraordinary wedding cake– these days wedding cake designers seem to have taken up the challenge of making each and every cake into a more elaborate and bombastic design than previous.

My take on wedding cakes are similar to dresses: less is more. Instead of paying for good looks, focus on the essential stuff – which is that the cake tastes amazing. Asking for a simple white fondant cake is much more practical too – (less risk of sliding, collapsing or melting, and the cake will keep moist even if on display for a few hours.) Easily transported and easily assembled means less risk of cake accidents. Decorate with fresh flowers, succulent or fresh berries and fruit, and you will have a stunning and unique cake.

Another idea is to  have several smaller cakes instead of one big cake – this way you have more possibilities to unleash your creativity.
DIY ALL the decor – it is pretty time consuming, actually often more expensive, stressful and after a while quite repetitive. I feel embarrassed when I compare my dream catchers to those on Pinterest, and the tin vase table scape that looked so great online, to me mine look like a kindergarden recycling activity. And I thought I loved DIY!

Unless you have loads of time, money, ingenuity, persistence and crafting experience, chances are that your projects might end up rather sub-standard. Consider freshly foraged local flowers, naturally found objects and greenery instead.

If you DO want to DIY something, I dare you do do something you DIDN’T find on Pinterest but invented yourself  (isn’t it time for some new creations now?!)
My second tip is to produce or buy decor items that  you could also make use of after the wedding: such as lanterns, candle holders, picture frames, concrete pots, copper pipe candelabra, coffee table or a nice artwork for your home. It would be both beautiful and practical keepsakes.
My third and last tip is to select 1 or 2 projects, take you time with it and lovingly do them really well.

Decorated champagne flutes for the newlyweds – the ones you buy look mostly tacky. And why are they neccesary? Be minimalist stylish and attach a twig of rosemary instead, or a simple bow of twine.

Formal posed photographs with every possible combination of family members. Why not let them be more organic and documentary style – they will be more natural and representative of what the day really was like.

First dance with elaborate steps requiring dance classes? I personally do not feel enthusiastic about the prospect of showing off my dancing skills, and will gladly avoid this wedding tradition. If I did, I would probably do a slow shuffle to Bryan Adams – like I did on school disco’s in the 90s. Just for a laugh.

A fancy carriage – Ever heard of Uber gold? It will be cheaper and easier in every way, you will conveniently get a jazzy car for less. Or ask around in the network – someone ought to have a cool car or a characterful old truck. Few will take notice your mode of transport – spend the money on guest comfort instead such as comfortable chairs, cozy blankets and great wine.

Please take my advice with a pinch of salt! All I intend to do is to question why we do certain things, and if we really have to. There is nothing wrong with being traditional. But there is also nothing wrong with going your own way.

The essential elements on your wedding where it IS worth paying more attention to, even if it means spending a bit extra, will be presented to you  in next weeks Wedding planning post!

In the meantime, I hope you feel inspired to find ways to de-clutter and re-organize your wedding day so that it makes better sense to you. Cut the unnecessary details out and rather focus on meaningful elements that will add real value.

The less fussy details – the less to worry about.  More room for love, happiness and quality time with your groom and guests.

image sources: oh best day ever // hello gem // the perfect wedding // hi miss puff // junebug weddings

Elopement wedding – why & why not?

Elopement weddings - why you should give it a thought before planning your wedding

Wedding planning is the best thing ever for some – and the worst for others. Not every bride and groom are smitten by the idea of a big celebration with a hundred or more of people around them. Your personalities, priorities and your lust for adventure might just make it more sensible to elope as opposed to arranging a traditional wedding.

Perhaps you are a bit shy, favor independence or possibly have complicated family relations, or for any other reason -such as a sense of fun, romance, or practical or budget reasons- feel like eloping is more up your street. If you have a tendency to get stressed out, or simply cannot understand what the big “fuss” is all about – an elopement might be your answer.

It could be simple reason that you prefer to do something purely for yourselves, or something a bit different, and you might find that it suits you better to create your own wedding day layout as supposed to following a line of conventional traditions, that you might not feel any connection to, or find irrelevant or unnecessary to you.

Is elopement for you? Or are you determined to have the traditional wedding day, where you and your groom are the king and queen of the day? Which option would make your wedding dream come true?

The advantages of a traditional wedding:

  • The buzz and fun of the preparations (some love a challenge of this kind!)
  • It is a once-in-a-life time event (supposedly…)
  • It is a big get-together where 2 families can get to know each other better and celebrate together as one family
  • A chance for all your friends from all walks of life to meet and mingle
  • The traditions: cake cutting, garter toss, bouquet toss, first dance etc – some brides have looked forward to this all their life
  • The reception party with food, dancing, guest book, favours, centrepieces etc
  • The opportunity to design and decorate your dream day with flowers, decor and colours
  • Photographs with lots of family members and guests
  • Significant memories for family members and friends
  • The shared joy amongst all attending
  • “Celebrities” for a day, being the centre of attention
  • The registry – people will most likely give gifts or cash and you can wish for anything you likeElopement weddings - why you should give it a thought before planning your wedding

    The disadvantage of a traditional wedding

  • The cost of renting a venue, tent, feeding people, wedding party, hair and makeup etc
  • The pressure and stress involved with planning and coordinating a big event, such as guest list, invites and RSVP management
  • People management – bridesmaids drama, flaring up family feuds, grumpy step-cousins who did not get invited and so on
  • Nerves – not everyone is built to handle stress well
  • Stage fright – not every person enjoys being in the spotlight
  • Loud and “crazy” – not everyone likes dancing or being at a big party
  • The more people involved, the more opinions and personalities are in the mix
  • The build up to the wedding can be exhausting, especially the week before when all final details must fall into place, and out of town guests start to arrive
  • The need to find good vendors and people you can rely on and trust to do a good job – you have to be comfortable with putting your fate in their hands
  • It might put a lot of pressure on the bride to look great, loose weight, have perfect hair and makeup etc
  • Dress, shoe and accessory hunting (not just for for bride, but bridesmaids, groom and groomsmen too) is actually pretty confusing and hard mental work, not to mention pricey
  • Liaison and negotiations about costs and contracts with vendors – not everyone is cut out to be a business woman/ man
  • Lots of small and big decisions to be made, which can prove overwhelming especially if your nature is anxious and indecisive
  • Planning details such as seating chart, choice of music, wedding colours, even choosing the wedding party – some think these aspects shadow what the wedding truly should be about – the newly weds
  • Depending on how lucky/ resilient/ multi tasking genius you and your groom are – the months of wedding planning could be a stressful nightmare. Not everyone is up for it

Elopement weddings - why you should give it a thought before planning your wedding

Elopement: Advantages

  • It is all about you, your love and your commitment to each other
  • There is nothing else in the way for the 2 of you  to enjoy each others presence
  • Less risk of mishaps – except missing the plane I suppose
  • No paraphernalia (flower girl’s nappy needs changing, bridesmaid broke her stiletto, escort cards blew away in the wind..) to worry about
  • It will most likely be a lot less expensive (unless you decide to travel far and wide with a luxury honeymoon)
  • Can save the money for something long term which is perhaps more worthwhile than a few hours of party – or splash it on that luxury honeymoon
  • Less people= having to rely less heavily on others
  • You can be more in control of your own wedding
  • Manageable size = less stress = easier to achieve
  • Can be planned sooner = shorter engagement
  • More spontaneous and “wild” (Las Vegas, anyone?)
  • Some say it is more romantic
  • Great excuse to travel to your dream destination
  • You can still have the dress, the flowers, professional photos and cake, at a smaller and more cost-effective scale
  • Could spend more money on your wedding dress (- hello Grace Loves Lace!)
  • Can create a completely unique day, choose an unusual ceremony spot (nature, city, unconventional locations and buildings not normally used as a wedding venue)
  • Can get amazing wedding photos in a wedding destination that would probably not have been possible otherwise.

Disadvantages of eloping

  • If keeping it secret, you will not get much help from others, unless you still hire a wedding planner
  • It foregos certain aspect of wedding preparations (dress hunting with mum and maid of honour, getting ready with the girls, or bachelorette party for example) – which you might feel like you missed out on
  • Lonesome – perhaps you do want to have near and dear around you when you make the promise of a lifetime
  • Possibly regretting not arranging the “big day” afterwards
  • Family and friends might feel left out and get resentful
  • You probably wont receive many gifts

It is basically personality and a list of preferences that should determine your choice. Remember, just because you got engaged, it does not automatically mean you are destined to have a wedding with all the traditional aspects that comes with it. Modern weddings are completely flexible events and you can plan it to suit both of you  perfectly.

Do give elopement a thought if you  are daunted by the prospect of arranging a traditional wedding day, or simply feel a desire to do something “different” and being adventurous with your groom. In the end of the day, you are marrying your husband and not anyone else or a tradition you are not bothered about – the most important thing is that you as a couple both are doing what feels most natural to you.

Torn? The perfect compromise: An Intimate Wedding!

Final tip: it is best to decide if you are eloping or not BEFORE you invite people to your wedding or pick a bridal party – in order to not making people disappointed 🙂

Elopement weddings - why you should give it a thought before planning your wedding

image credits: junebug weddings // intimate weddings


Lovable wedding dresses with long sleeves

Longsleeve pin.jpg

Even though my wedding is planned for early summer, I have been quite adamant that I want a longsleeve dress, even in the African heat.

Having sleeves in summer makes sense in some way though – it is a great protection from the burning sun! Also, if you haven’t done as many push-up as you intended to in the months leading up to the wedding, here you have a dress that will be forgiving on arms of any shape.

The long sleeve dresses I have tried make me feel more elegant than the strappy ones. I am not a prudish person otherwise, but covering my arms just feels more “me”. I however don’t mind at all a daring low back though or a plunging neck line – so in fact it isn’t about modesty, rather a style choice. And to stay warm for later in the evening.

For years and years we have seen a majority of wedding dresses being strapless boob-tubes (just one episode of Yes to the dress will confirm that) so it is definitely time to present just  how beautiful and regal a sleeve can make you.

Kate Middleton’s famous dress might have been the beginning of the turn of trends, and we, also recently Kelly Clarkson’s country rustic wedding and many more fashion forward women in the recent past: Alison from Girls, Christina Ricci, Olivia Palermo, Nicky Hilton amongst others.

If you don’t want full sleeves but still enjoy the feeling of a covering, an illusion fabric is the perfect compromise, and here you have the option of adding appliqué or detailing in material of your choice.

An classy bride may opt for full lace sleeves, with or without illusion as the base material, beading or pearl details for extra elegance.
A wild and care free bride could add a fringed or a crochet style lace, and the 70’s vintage bride a flaring bell sleeve.
If you are going for the vintage Hollywood look, well then there is simply not other better kind of dress – just think of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburns iconic dresses.

Whether minimalist or princess gown, there is a long sleeve wedding dress out there which is waiting to be yours. Still unsure? A bridal cover/ bolero will give you the best of two worlds 😉

Let the pictures speak for themselves!

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration


Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration

Long sleeve wedding dress inspiration


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Indigenous and wild flower filled wedding bouquets

Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration

Being in the stage of wedding planning when it is time to decide on flower designs, today is the perfect day to present some of my favourite wildflower bouquets that I’ve come across so far, whether small or large, minimalist or bold.

There is something so alluring and romantic about a bouquet which is filled by an array of unusual and colourful wildflowers.  Organic and ethereal, this is truly the notion to romance that any wedding day should not be without. This bouquet style goes particularly well with a bohemian, country rustic but also a modern theme, and you also have a focal point of your wedding where you can instantly show off your unique style.

Opting for a indigenous wildflower bouquet has many other advantages too: you can potentially save some bucks – especially if you chose seasonally available varieties. Being unstructured and not necessarily symmetric either, this could invite to a wedding bouquet DIY project.

Be creative and incorporate not just flowers, but how about a generous amount of greenery such as eucalyptus branches, succulents and ferns, grasses, airplants, or why not try an artichoke or two? Pairing different textures (cotton vs aloe leaves for example) will add surprising elements.

If you still want some roses and peonies – adding these will create an intriguing juxtaposition between new and traditional for your guests to marvel at, pleasing both your grandma and your own cool taste.

Proteas make for a fantastic main component with their size, striking originality and extraordinary shape, and could easily replace any other flower and steal the show entirely on its own.
Hibiscus can also be a fantastic option, especially if you are hosting a tropical themed wedding.

A perfect opportunity for a statement in other words – whether for fashion, anti fashion, or environmental contentiousness or just a sense of playfulness.

When it comes to design and shape you can literally “go wild” – and your florist is most likely going to love this opportunity to show off her creativity, and the options for producing exquisite attention to details are plentiful.

Sit back and be inspired by mother nature.

Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration

Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration

Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration

Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration

Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration

Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration

Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration


Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration

Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration

Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration

Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration

Wild flower wedding bouquet inspiration

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FREE Table number printable for you!

Free table numbers from Sheer Ever AfterMaking your own table numbers for your wedding reception is an fun and easy project that anyone with a few minutes and a printer can do.

Our wedding table number templates, with their unique succulent design and romantic font, are even more stylish (in our opinion!) than the ones you can buy, and your guests will not be able to tell that you made them yourself.

Perfect for a greenery inspired wedding (trend alert!) or any wedding featuring succulents and/ or eucalyptus, this design is sure to enhance your decor and bring the wedding theme to the tables. Match with a greenery garland across the tables and succulent centre pieces, your wedding table is instantly wedding 2017 pin-worthy.

The free, printable wedding table numbers are ready to be downloaded and printed for you. The numbers look best when printed out on thick card stock. You can mount them them on a holder or place them in a frame.

Using these free wedding table numbers are just one way to save money on your wedding.

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: Free table numbers from Sheer Ever After

Take the stress out of the dress

Wedding gown shopping advise @Sheer ever after

Shopping for your wedding gown is one of the most wonderful but potentially stressful moments in your preparation for a wedding. Before hitting the wedding gown shops, it will be good for you to be aware of some crucial things, and by knowing these few tips, you should feel more confident of what you want as you begin the wedding gown search.

  1. Know your timeline

You may notice in many wedding planning checklists that you’re supposed to purchase your wedding dress six-eight months before the wedding. This may seem like an unnecessarily early date, but know that it typically takes 16-20 weeks to create your dress, and that doesn’t include the fittings you will need before. Not only do you want to have plenty of time to find The One, but all of the people who make your dress perfect need enough time to do so.

When you begin your search, keep in mind that  alterations can take one to two months. Don’t delay your wedding dress shopping!

2. Know your budget

One of the top mistakes brides make is not knowing the budget for their wedding gown before trying on dresses. Having at least a range that you are comfortable spending will help both you and your consultant when picking a dress.

Discuss your budget with your partner, with your parents, with anyone who might be involved in the purchase of your dress. Planning out your wedding budget ahead of time will help you know what you realistically know what you can afford. If someone else has offered to pay for it, ask what range they would be most comfortable with.

Don’t forget to leave room in the budget for shoes, veil, accessories and alterations.

3. Know your wedding

Before booking your bridal salon appointments, make sure you know the type of wedding you’re planning, when and where. This means the season, type of venue, and your wedding theme, if you have one. Yes, you can wear whatever you want, but if you purchase a low-key gown and you end up booking something really fancy, you may wish you went bigger and bolder.

The sleeves, skin exposure, train length and fabric could all depend on your ceremony space, wedding reception venue and the time of the year. In addition to bringing in images of dresses you like, having a mood board for your wedding décor can be a helpful tool for your consultant. If you’re getting married in a forest with rustic decor leading up to the altar, a traditional princess gown may not be the most cohesive fit.

4. Know your body

Be aware of what dress silhouette flatters your shape the most. Remember that not every style dress flatters every figure. Gowns where the bodice and skirt don’t transition smoothly can visually cut the body in unflattering ways. Likewise, thin fabrics such as silk or chiffon skim the body and tend to magnify every little detail.

5. Know your habits

Don’t buy a wedding dress too small because you want to lose weight before the wedding.  Avoid that stress by buying  the dress of your dreams that fits comfortably. Fit now, adjust later – a professional seamstress will be able to adjust the dress as much as 2 dress sizes down or up, if necessary.

You fiancé proposed to you as you are, and he will marry you as you are. Don’t stress too much about your weight, rather focus on sanity and wellbeing. There will be enough things to think about as it is – don’t push yourself over the limit.

6. Know your personal style

Unless you frequently don evening gowns in your every day life, it’s likely that you’re not sure what dress shape will look best on you. Instead of focusing on the silhouette you think will be most flattering, hone in on how you want to look on your wedding day. One of the most important factors here is the vibe of your wedding. It can be helpful to have a few guide words like “classic,” “boho,” “glamorous,” or “vintage” to share with your bridal consultant, who will have a better idea of the look and feel of your day.  Bringing along images of gown styles and silhouettes that interest you can also be helpful.

In order to best know your style – just look at  the dresses in your wardrobe. What do you  feel most fabulous in? It’s a good idea to have a list of things that you love and don’t love, but be open to trying some things that might surprise you.
Although all that looks great in a magazine might be a different story in reality, many dresses can be altered to fit your vision.


7. Know your local shops and designers

One of the most helpful pieces of advice we can give is to research the stores in your area before booking your first bridal appointment. Not every store carries the same gowns or even the same designers. Different salons tend to have a slightly different style or bridal clientèle, much like any other boutique.

When you look for your dress, go with your own instinct. Don’t let your entourage mislead you with their own personal opinions. Most importantly, choose with your personal style and comfort in mind. If you feel great when you wear it, then you know this might be the one!

Wedding gown shopping advise @Sheer ever afterWedding gown shopping advise @Sheer ever after

8. Know your options

Going to a bridal dress shop is not the only way of buying  dress. You actually have plenty of options should you not find your dream dress on the well trodden path. If you find the dresses in the high street shop too ordinary, in the bridal boutique too expensive, you also have the option of buying a dress second hand via portals such as Still White or Preowned Dresses, or even your local online classifieds such as Gumtree.

Try Etsy for an unique and artisan dress, or online fashion wholesalers such as Luulla. be cautious when ordering online though – rather buy a dress that you know is a bit big and then have it adjusted locally. If I were you I’d definitely avoid the Chinese wholesalers altogether – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

You could look in vintage shops for unique wedding dresses and tailor it to suit your personal style. Likewise, ask around in your network for a family members or friends wedding dress, either buy it and have it remade or borrow and wear as it is.

Another viable option if you can’t find what you are looking for, is to find a pattern maker and seamstress that will create the dress of your dreams, where you get to choose the shape, details and fabric entirely on your own.

Some more tools (to use as a guideline only) is the fun Wedding dress style quiz to gauge what dress style might suit you,  and this handy chart of what silhouette would suit your body shape:


This is a very exciting journey – best of luck!

Wedding gown shopping advise @Sheer ever after


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Wedding planning pitfalls to avoid

Wedding pitfalls to avoid

From losing your engagement ring to overdoing it on decor or failing to keep guests protected from mosquitoes, read on to find out the most common wedding planning errors brides-to-be make.

Get your ring insured

Even if you are the most careful person in the world, accidents that are beyond your control could happen, God forbid. Never take your ring off in public places. Avoid cleaning products with bleach or ammonia that will damage the ring. Don’t clean your ring over an open drain. You can’t stop things from happening but you can get your precious insured, now!

Avoid wedding pitfalls

Put Yourself First

Take time to think about the type of celebration you want. Discuss with your groom and find out what you two as a couple truly represent and what your uttermost desires are – before hitting pinterest and gorging over bridal magazines. That way you will create the wedding that is the closest to your heart and most important to you, as opposed to the off-the-shelf wedding ideas as prescribed by others who you never met.

Don’t be mislead by others advise

As well as my previous point, only absorb as much advise from others that feels relevant for you and your groom. Everybody who got married will often be quick to give suggestions for you, but these are most likely based on what THEY think they should have done differently. Everyone has different priorities and interests don’t they? So while their advise is well intended, it might not apply to the wedding day you are hoping to create.
I have been suggested twice from one friend that I must have “koeksisters” (A south African sweet) on my wedding dessert table – even though I have never even tasted them. She even suggested I put them on the wedding cake! Is this my wedding or is it what she wished she had done?


Do consider your far-away guests needs

Many guest will probably travel from far and wide to attend your wedding. Do write to everybody from out of town to express gratitude for their attendance, as it will be to their considerable expense. They will really appreciate if you surprise them with a “welcome bag” with local goodies as a treat. On your wedding website, include a list of recommended accommodation and popular activities in your area, or simply send out a group email specifically for out-of-towners. Even suggest that guests coordinate to stay at the same hotel or at least near each other (and you). A nice way for everybody to get to know each other is to arrange list of activities, sightseeing and meals together in the week leading up to the wedding. (You and your groom do not have to attend all of them)

Also consider their comfort on the wedding

Provide necessary items for your wedding guests comfort at your outdoors wedding
Such as bug spray, blankets, umbrellas, heaters and/ or a midnight snack. I have seen at a couple of weddings that the bridal couple provide flip flops for guests to dance in or to have a welcomed relief from formal shoes – and then keep as a favour. Quite a cool idea.

Wedding pitfalls to avoid

Provide entertainment and enough snacks during waiting time

If there is a long waiting time between the ceremony and the reception, when you are off taking photographs for example, make sure that there is enough things for guests to keep themselves entertained while they wait. Lawn games, mad libs, colouring books for the children, and help-your-self finger foods. Make sure there is water and lemonade or similar for the guests to keep hydrated, especially if it is a hot day. Happy guests that have something to do and are having fun, will create the best atmosphere for your wedding day.

Feed your vendors

You don’t need to feed your florist and her assistant, or the officiant, but for the vendors that are spending the day at your wedding should be getting a meal as part of their deal. You don’t want your photographer to have an empty stomach when capturing the most significant moments of the day. Or the DJ to suffer from fatigue when building up the energy on the dance floor. Ensure they always have a water bottle handy, and fruit/ energy bars would also be a considerate way to keep them going.

Wedding pitfalls to avoid

Create your decor and tables with you and your grooms own style in mind

There are too many wedding that look like every other. Be creative and individual in your wedding design and remember that each table doesn’t have to look exactly the same either. Let the decorations be as unique as you are. It will be all the more interesting for guests to look at, and make your wedding even more memorable.

Wedding pitfalls to avoid

Consider the venue when planning the decor

Do have the venue in mind when planning the decor. Rustic boho might not blend well  in to a chateau wedding, and vice versa.  Even if you are going for a gypsy festival theme, remember to keep it tasteful – you don’t want to over-decorate or block guests views across the tables. Less is often more.

At your engagement party, bachelorette and bridal shower, make sure that each guest is also going to be invited to the wedding

Needless to say, always be considerate and fair, so keep the wedding party consistent leading up to the wedding so no one gets left out. (If they can’t attend the wedding for own reasons you can of course include them, if they want)

Wedding pitfalls to avoid

Be flower wise

Make sure the flowers you are choosing for the table are not too overpowering in fragrance. It might disturb the experience of the meal, and some might be allergic too. Discuss with your florist carefully your colour scheme and theme of the wedding so she can create the best visual impact. Your favorite flower might have to be imported or out of season – you  can keep flower costs down by choosing seasonal and locally grown flowers. A florist will help you with the best alternatives.

Also bring along a picture of your dress to the florist so that she can match the size and shape of the bouquet to the design of your dress.

Wedding pitfalls to avoid

Try not do DIY everything

Cake, dessert, invites, place cards, centrepieces, garter, photo booth props, even your wedding dress.. some brides can and will do it all, with or without help from friends and family. But to avoid decor anxiety, try to limit your projects to just a few things, those that feel most relevant, realistic and not too time consuming. Many pinterest ideas look so wonderful and fabulous online, but chances are they won’t look so amazing in real life. Be DIY savvy and don’t try to overachieve. It can get stressful, and worst scenario would be if they don’t ready in time/ break/ don’t end up looking like you want.

Remember to eat!

You might be so busy that you forget to eat your own wedding food, and excited that you don’t feel the hunger. But it is important to have something in your stomach for energy, and especially when you start on the cocktails. Have your caterer prepare a take away box in the kitchen that you can take with you to the hotel, in case you are ravenous!

Wedding pitfalls to avoid

Plan the toasts as well as the speeches

As nice it can be to be saluted, chances are that the wedding guest with the microphone will barge ahead and sneak in a few minutes speech into their toasts. Coordinate beforehand who is making speeches and who is toasting and make sure that everybody knows to keep to a certain time limit so you don’t bore the other guests or cut into the rest of the party time.

Allow for surprise costs in the budget

Extra facials, tip to a vendor that was forgotten about, last minute dress adjustments, extra hours for the photographer or an unexpected taxi ride – it is a very good idea to have an contingency plan, as much as 10% of the total budget, for unforeseen expenses.

Let the little things go

As much  as you can, plan the wedding thoroughly. But you can’t and won’t be able to control every single detail on the wedding day. When the day comes, just disengage from planning and coordination mode and just enjoy the day with your groom, family and friends. No one but you  is going to notice those minor things that might occur. Don’t be a bridezilla and try not to worry so much – the day will be perfect for what it is. The best way to overcome mistakes is to keep calm and happy, and smile, because these memories will last a lifetime – so just enjoy everything!

Wedding pitfalls to avoid










Rue de Seine – a magic spell from down under

Love Spell

Rue de Seine’s flowing silhouettes are loved by brides far beyond their Kiwi origins.

Influenced by folk art, festivals and anything whimsical, these gowns are daring and bold, yet romantic and soft. The silhouette is form fitting and flattering, with varied features and unusual details.

Designed for the free-thinking, confident and modern bride, the spirited and trend setting label’s latest collection boasts unique laces, which are made exclusively for Rue De Seine.

You will see hand crochet gowns and bold beaded florals on sheer fabrics, bohemian cotton lace with floral embroidery, gypsy inspired textiles and appliquéd lace panels which all flatter the female form and create unique design lines.

“We believe that our brides should be comfortable and true to their own style on their wedding day. Our collection offers a selection of romantic and effortlessly chic gowns inspired by the carefree spirit of the Rue De Seine bride” says designer, Michele Corty.

Michele says that “Love Spell is a celebration of free thinking, bold, and unconventional brides” and we couldn’t agree more.

Inspired by youthful and brave women, the dresses show the relaxed nature of the bride wearing it.

Wedding dress inspiration - Rue de seine @Sheer ever after

Wedding dress inspiration - Rue de Seine @Sheer ever after

Wedding dress inspiration - Rue de Seine @Sheer ever after

Wedding dress inspiration - Rue de Seine @Sheer ever after

Wedding dress inspiration - Rue de Seine @Sheer ever after

Wedding dress inspiration - Rue de Seine @Sheer ever after

Wedding dress inspiration - Rue de Seine @Sheer ever after

Wedding dress inspiration - Rue de Seine @Sheer ever after

Wedding dress inspiration - Rue de Seine @Sheer ever after

Wedding dress inspiration - Rue de Seine @Sheer ever after

Bohemian Wedding dress inspiration - Rue de Seine @Sheer ever after

Bohemian Wedding dress inspiration - Rue de Seine @Sheer ever after

Bohemian Wedding dress inspiration - Rue de Seine @Sheer ever after

Bohemian Wedding dress inspiration - Rue de Seine @Sheer ever after

Bohemian Wedding dress inspiration - Rue de Seine @Sheer ever after

Bohemian Wedding dress inspiration - Rue de Seine @Sheer ever after

Image credits: Green Wedding shoes and Rue de Seine