FREE Boho-Luxe wedding fonts!

Free Boho-luxe fonts for your grahic wedding projects

The boho spirit may have been born a long time ago, but it continues to resonate with brides of many generations. Why? It’s unique, glamorous, and as a bohemian style  is less formal and structured it opens doors to artful and individualized interpretation whether it is in clothing, home decór or weddings.

Boho combines organic, detailed, nature-inspired with simple, modern pieces. It is rebellious in an artful, natural and elegant way.

Boho-luxe is perfect if you want to embrace the laid-back, free spirited and informal wedding elements from the traditional bohemian style, but still want to enjoy luxurious cocktails, dreamy table settings reminiscent of “A Midsummers night dream”and a  sophisticated dress code. One part wild, one part high-end, the boho-luxe wedding vibes will suit you if you want a vintage-style but modern wedding, a romantic bohemian-style dress, metallic accents on your luxury table ware and high-end artisan wedding invites.

boho luxe1

Let your boho-luxe inspired invites feature foil imprints on high quality paper, letterpress, delicate wax seals and an overall vintage-luxurious understated design.

For your typography, go for a mixture between hand lettering, romantic script font, combined with neat and elegant modern typefaces to create the same juxtaposition between artful, romantic calligraphy and neat, modern elegance.

Decór-wise, boho-luxe is creative, full of vibrant colours such as jewel-tones and greenery. It has a touch of whimsical but less in a hippie way and more towards vintage glamour. Luxurious details such as metallic accents, well chosen natural elements, and although still handcrafted and effortlessly put together, decor items are less rustic and shabby but rather veering towards glamorous and antique.

It is easy to love this look as it represents a sophisticated break  from the “ragged” bohemian wedding look. Whether you’re rebellious or elegant, romantic or edgy, classy or artistic – you can have the best of both worlds!

So let’s celebrate la vie de boheme with a collection of free fonts for your blog or wedding stationery projects.



Free Boho-luxe fonts for your graphic wedding projects

  1. Mother of the bride: MODESTY
  2. True love: SIMPLY GLAMOROUS
  3. First look: BONDOLOU PEEK
  4. Save the date: WILDERNESS TYPEFACE
  5. Master of ceremony: BODONI
  6. Jenga: JACQUES & GILLES
  7. Cheese wheel: CHEDDAR JACK
  8. Artful: BRUSHER
  9. Favours: GOOD KARMA
  10. Dream catcher: WINTER CALLIGRAPHY
  11. Wild soul: AMBARELLA
  12. Cosmopolitan: NORTHERN LIGHTS
  13. Greenery: TAMORO SCRIPT
  14. French lace: ASTERISM REGULAR
  15. Free spirit: PENNELLINO
  16. Guest book: MOON



FREE Table number printable for you!

Free table numbers from Sheer Ever AfterMaking your own table numbers for your wedding reception is an fun and easy project that anyone with a few minutes and a printer can do.

Our wedding table number templates, with their unique succulent design and romantic font, are even more stylish (in our opinion!) than the ones you can buy, and your guests will not be able to tell that you made them yourself.

Perfect for a greenery inspired wedding (trend alert!) or any wedding featuring succulents and/ or eucalyptus, this design is sure to enhance your decor and bring the wedding theme to the tables. Match with a greenery garland across the tables and succulent centre pieces, your wedding table is instantly wedding 2017 pin-worthy.

The free, printable wedding table numbers are ready to be downloaded and printed for you. The numbers look best when printed out on thick card stock. You can mount them them on a holder or place them in a frame.

Using these free wedding table numbers are just one way to save money on your wedding.

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: Free table numbers from Sheer Ever After

FREE escort card printable!

Free Escort cards

Making a seating chart is usually not an easy task – so many names to keep track of and personalities to keep in mind. But it can be equally challenging as a wedding guest to find your seat – especially after a few welcome cocktails.

Sheer has designed you a most useful (and stylish too, we think) FREE escort card printable that you can use to guide your guests smoothly to their seats.

The design is inspired by water colours which is a popular wedding trend that will enhance a wedding of any theme, whether modern, rustic or boho.

The file is available as a JPG that you can open in a picture editing program to write the guests names in. You can even change the colours to match your chosen colour scheme.

Or you can make it easy for yourself and simply print out the word document (we suggest on a nice watercolouring card for extra artistic effect) and handwrite the names free hand.

The font we have used is Stylish calligraphy which is readily available for free download here

You can decide your own unique way to display the cards – but we think that these will look awesome hanging from strings attached with mini pegs inside a vintage frame, perhaps decorated with foilage and jewel toned flowers. We can already feel the artsy wedding vibes!

image via collin cowie

We hope you enjoy this weeks printable!

Free watercolour escort cards

Free escort cards from Sheer

Whimsical wedding fonts

Free fontcollection

Since I made my own wedding stationary, I’ve become quite the font-o-holic – which truly is a wonderful past time by the way. The web is a superb resource for free fonts which you can download with a few clicks and then use for signage, wedding papers, guestbook, favour labels, your wedding website or whatever you feel like. Even if you have hired a wedding graphic designer already, you should definitely discuss specialty fonts with him or her in order for you and your groom to get the look that goes with your theme and personal style preference. Design-nerds like me do think it adds personality and interest to the vital design elements of your wedding, which can make a great deal of difference, how arbitrary it may sound!

I recently did a whole lot of online research (I e pinning) to see what typography awesome-ness the internet can provide. Adobe InDesign or Photoshop are not tooo difficult to learn, there are even online tutorials for beginners such as this one

With fonts and wedding graphic design, remember not to use too many different types or it might look messy. Simplicity and co-ordination gives a cleaner and more elegant impression. Choose 3 fonts max. You can mix them up by using different sizes and some capital and some regular.

I made this example just for you lovelies. I swear it took me less than 30 minutes in Photoshop – and I’m not trained in graphic design. If I can do this anyone can, quite literally! If you contact me I can send you the file so you can customize it.


I have used 3 fonts here: I Love Glitter, Moon and Abraham Lincoln. What I like about this kind of design is that it is clean, uncluttered and modern, but with a cute artsy twist.

Some basics: If you use a script font, don’t use more than one. Same with serif and sans serif fonts (serif is the little curl or foot at the ends of the letter) – choose one of each for a clutter-free typography that is both pleasing on the eye and easy to read.
I do want to dearly thank We Lived Happily Ever After for the beautiful free rustic graphics.
I think at some point I might create a series of these for you cool chicks to download for free, but for now I have given you at least a taster, and a collection of fabulous fonts to use in your wedding: signs, stationary, other printables that you choose. I hope to have sparked your creative plugs – if I have please send me a picture 🙂

Go wild!